[Infographic] How Long Does Your Food Last in the Fridge?

A very big part of healthy living these days involves meal prep and storage in the fridge. Meal prepping in bulk not only saves cooking time; it makes for healthier eating daily and (here is the kicker for us!) saves us a tonne of money on expensive, and sometimes unhealthy restaurant options. But effective meal prep requires good refrigeration not just for cooked meals but also for the groceries you’ve purchased for your weekly cookout.

Bad refrigeration doesn’t just lead to a whole lot of wastage – it could also translate to digestive problems if bad food is consumed.

The infographic below will give you an idea of how long your weekly grocery haul will last in your ice-box. Learning these little details will help maximise the shelf-life of your food, and minimise the cash spent on replacing rotten meat:

Source: RinggitPlus.com

Of course, the time spans are estimates and it also depends on how fresh the food was when purchased; but for the most part it’s a good guide to go by. Of course, when in doubt, the nose test should not fail you! Happy meal-prepping!

[For a more in-depth guide on how to store your food in the refridgerator, read our article: From Shop to Fridge – Your Guide to Preventing Food Poisoning]


It’s awfully difficult for us to find space to store everything optimally in the fridge. Any tips for us? Comment below or on our Facebook page!


This infographic was lovingly created by the team at RinggitPlus. RinggitPlus is a financial product comparison site, which cares for your money. Find the best credit card, loan, insurance plan or money advice on our site.

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