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HealthWorks is Malaysia’s leading health community. We are your health companion to help you make better choices. We inspire you to be a healthier, happier you. We are your well-connected friend who talks to health experts like doctors, nutritionists, fitness instructors and more to bring you interesting yet trusted information on all health-related matters. HealthWorks shares, but never preaches (or at least tries really hard not to). Read more about our story here.

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We are on a mission to inspire Malaysians to make better choices for their health and wellness. We are growing an online health community that embraces health and wellness as a lifestyle. We want to provide a fun platform where passionate, like-minded people can connect and empower one another through support, information, and inspirational success stories (Because nothing works better than peer pressure). Read more about our take on content creation.

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  • Healthy and happy is good for you.
  • You deserve information that is approachable, relate-able, actionable and fun.
  • Great things happen when we come together as a community to incite and support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Healthcare professionals and the community should be brought closer together to strengthen health promotion and education.

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