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We publish only great content. We know the word ‘great’ is very open to interpretation, so here’s our take on it. To us, it means practical and useful content that people will actually want to use in their daily lives. It’s also credible content that can aid you in making informed health decisions. To stay relevant, we will keep developing our content to reflect the constantly evolving health scene. We also regularly check in with our community (you guys!) to keep up with your interests and needs.

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Editorial independence means a lot to us (yes, even more than keropok lekor on a cheat day). We ensure that all our content will be unbiased and accurate.

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Our content, where applicable, is written and/or reviewed by health experts (doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, health advocates, and the like). This ensures that all our information is accurate.

Facts are researched and every article goes through a rigorous vetting process by our HealthWorks Content Team before gracing the pages of the site. With that said, we are constantly learning and improving. So if you do come across something confusing or discover a factual mistake, let us know by emailing hello@healthworks.my and we’ll look right into it.

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We have banished difficult health terminology that only doctors understand (unless absolutely necessary). Yawn-inducing articles that double as bedtime stories also have no place at HealthWorks.

We believe that health information should be accessible to all. This is why we strive to write friendly, easily-digestible pieces that you, the time-starved individual, would actually enjoy reading.

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Only Health is HealthWorks’ content partner. Together, we are dedicated to providing the best access to health information, benefits and connecting you with various healthcare stakeholders in your community.

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Information on HealthWorks.my should not, in any way, be a replacement for professional health care and advice. We educate and empower the Malaysian community with relevant and responsible information in order to foster better communication between doctors and yourselves, thus making better choices for your health and your lives.


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