Our Story

We are a team of Malaysians who enjoy screen-time with our laptops, flirting with healthy living, and long walks on the beach. Juggling a heavy workload, the occasional cold, and a yo-yo fitness routine, the internet was our favourite place for answers, advice, and inspiration.


We were time-strapped and not-a-doctor. Medical jargons we found online were getting rather tiresome. Most of the time, the content we came across specifically catered to the other countries or markets.


Things like overdose on nasi lemak were a medical mystery over there. The biggest issue we had was that there were so much conflicting, unverified information. By the time we got to the root cause of our pimple, it had popped.


We felt like we needed some place to go. A place where there was constant motivation, credible information and tools catered to Malaysians to help us take charge of our health.


We knew we were not alone. There are people out there searching too.

With the local news giving us a reality check on the rising rates of diabetes and other diseases amongst Malaysians, we believe health needs to be celebrated.

There is a need to create and promote a culture.

To celebrate healthy and informed living.

To raise a supportive community that embraces health and wellness as a lifestyle.


And that’s how the idea of HealthWorks sprouted. Read more about who we are, what we do and our beliefs here.

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