10 Wonderful Ways to Use Green Tea Beyond the Teapot

Green tea body scrub

Drinking green tea is great for you. Studies show that green tea helps you to lose weight, burn fat, and keep it off. It is also loaded with polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants that protect your body from oxidative damage (read: anti-aging). The antioxidants may also lower your risk of various types of cancer. We could go on about the benefits, but you get the gist.

But what else can you do with green tea besides drink it and mix it into ice creams, cakes, and green tea Kit Kats? Turns out green tea has EVEN more benefits when used outside of the culinary world. Check out the 10 awesome things you can do with green tea:

1. Make a green tea body scrub! 

Green tea body scrub
Source: freutcake.com

Green tea is armed with polyphenols to keep your skin looking younger, help with moisture retention and act as your bodyguard against UV damage. Fancy scrubbing out the impurities on your skin with matcha green tea latte? Well now you can!

What to do: Here’s the how-to.

2. Make your glass surfaces sparkle

Smartphone screen filled with fingerprint marks? Bathroom mirror full of toothpaste stains? Fret not. Green tea works like a charm to remove stubborn marks from smooth surfaces.

What to do: Make tea, drink tea, and then use the used teabag for rub over the spots you want to clean, then wipe over with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can try filling a spray bottle with brewed green tea, spray on, and wipe clean.

3. Green tea hair spray

Green tea has recently become an alternative approach to address hair health. See all the hair products using green tea? They’re not on the shelves for no reason. Studies have found that green tea harbours a rich party of antioxidants called polyphenols. These help to protect your cells from free radical damage that natural haircare enthusiasts believe can keep your hair healthier.

What to do: Steep 2 bags of green tea in 100ml hot water. Wait for it to cool down, then add to spray bottle, along with 2 drops each of the following essential oils (rosemary, tea tree and eucalyptus). This should keep for a week. And spray daily when your hair feels limp.

4. Use green tea in your cat litter boxes 

Tea leaves are incredibly absorbent and can soak up the smells of the things they come in contact with. If you don’t like funky kitty poo scented home fragrance, try using green tea!

What to do: Sprinkle loose green tea leaves into your cat litter box and watch Kitty purr away in enjoyment while on the loo.

5. Chuck some teabags into your fridge to keep it fresh 

While you’re at it, also place them in your fridge to suck up all the weird smells! PS: This means you should also be careful about leaving your leftover tea in the fridge as it’s going to absorb all the odour.

What to do: After you’re done with your teabags, don’t dump them. Dry them out in the sun, place them in a small bowl, and stick them in the fridge. Wait a day or two before you smell the difference.

6. Ease the itch with used teabags 

If you’re suffering from a rash or a pesky mosquito bite, the tannins in the green tea could help soothe the itch.

What to do: Make green tea, drink green tea, and then apply the used teabags to the offending areas. You should feel immediate relief from the itch.

7. Use green tea to stop your feet from stinking

Green tea, as we mentioned again and again, comes with an army of tannins, which are coincidentally also an astringent (drying agent). This helps to minimize the sweat-producing pores that causes stinky feet and kill off smelly bacteria.

What to do: Steep a few tea bags in a pail of hot water large enough for your feet. Wait for it to cool till acceptable temperature, then dip your feet in and enjoy for 20 minutes. Do this daily and soon you won’t have the smelliest feet in the room! (If you feel pained using new green tea bags, search around your cupboards for some really old forgotten green tea)

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8. Use green tea bags to treat dark eye circles 

Source: caspianvogue.com
Source: caspianvogue.com

The caffeine in the green tea helps to shrink the blood vessels just under your skin which can reduce that dreaded puffy look after you’ve had a good cry. This also helps to reduce dark eye circles. The tannins in the green tea help shrink swollen tissue which also reduces puffiness.

What to do: Just boil some hot water (enough for two cups of green tea) and stick the teabags in. Let steep for a minute, remove, and squeeze out the excess water. While waiting for your teabags to cool down, sip on the green tea! Once they have cooled, lie down and lay the teabags over your eyes for 10 minutes, letting the tannins and caffeine do their magic.

9. Water your plants with green tea 

Full of nutrients, green tea is not just good for you, but for your plants too!

What to do: If you have a some leftover green tea that you didn’t manage to finish earlier, don’t pour it down the sink! Water your plants with it instead. Used tea leaves can also be added to compost piles to nourish your garden.

10. Clean your stinky hands with green tea

Do you hate how soap never seems to be able to get rid of the fishy or garlicky smells you get from prepping food? Green tea is highly absorbent and can help get rid of the odours.

What to do: Rub your hands with brewed green tea or wet used green tea leaves.

Happy matcha-ing! 


What else do you do with green tea? We’d really appreciate some more ideas on what we can do with our used tea leaves. Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


Written by: Jolene Foo

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