Mandatory Vaccinations Schedule by Ministry of Health Malaysia

Vaccines can save lives. Immunisation gives you the power to protect your child from life-threatening illnesses like tetanus, polio to hepatitis. You might think that these are long-gone diseases that probably don’t even exist anymore today, but if you take away the protection of vaccines, you’ll be at large for the diseases to return with a vengeance. 

While there are some parents now opting out of vaccination claiming that it causes autism and other chronic disorders, there is still no conclusive evidence that this is the case. In order to give your child the best start to life, it’s better to base your decision on solid knowledge than hearsay.

The National Immunisation Programme in Malaysia provides routine childhood immunisations for multiple infectious diseases. Vaccines are provided free by the government, so why not take advantage of it?

Ever wondered if you’ve missed out on any vaccinations? Or if you’re getting your children’s vaccinations right? Learn about the Malaysian vaccinations schedule here: 

Compulsory Vaccinations by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

Hepatitis B - 1st Dose
1 monthHepatitis B - 2nd dose
2 months 1st dose of the following:
- DTaP
- Hib
3 months 2nd dose of the following:
- DTaP
- Hib
5 months 3rd dose of the following:
- Hib
6 months Hepatitis B - 3rd dose
Measles (Sabah only)
10 months Japanese Encephalitis - 1st dose (Sarawak only)
12 months 1st dose: MMR
2nd dose: Japanese Encephalitis (Sarawak only)
18 months 4th dose of the following:
- Hib
3rd dose of:
Japanese Encephalitis (Sarawak only)
4 years old 4th dose of Japanese Encephalitis (Sarawak only)
7 years old - BCG (if no scar)
- DT (booster)
- 2nd dose of MMR
13 years old HPV - 3 doses within 6 months
(2nd dose 1 month after 1st dose, 3rd dose 6 months after 1st dose)
15 years old TT

What it means

  • BCG: Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (for tubercolosis)
  • DTaP: Diptheria, Tetanus, accellular Pertussis
  • IPV: Inactivated Poliovirus
  • Hib: Haemophilus influenzae b
  • MMR: Mumps, Measles, Rubella
  • DT: Diptheria, Tetanus
  • HPV: Human papillomavirus
  • TT: Tetanus

Optional Vaccines 

  • Pneumococcal (2 months up)
  • Influenza (6 months up)
  • Rotavirus (6 weeks to 6 months)
  • Hepatitis A (10 months up)
  • Chicken pox (12 months up)

The optional vaccines above can be obtained at a private clinic or hospital of your choice. Talk to your doctor if you are interested.


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Compiled by: The HealthWorks Team

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