Low-Guilt Chocolate Treats with Raw Chocolate (4 Recipes)

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While munching on chocolate treats may put a smile on our faces, it leaves our mouths stained and our hearts lamenting in guilt. Chocolate has always gotten a bad rep, but is the block of ground cacao seeds really that bad for you?

Science says chocolate is good for you!

Scientists have worked long and hard to debunk the myth that chocolate is evil (we suspect as much for their benefit as it is for ours). We’ve discovered that in actual fact, the dark matter is good for our hearts, protects our skin from UV damage, and even helps to lower our blood pressure.

And these findings are only the tip of the chocolateberg.

Before dunking yourself in a chocolate bath, remember that not all chocolates are created equal. Beware the highly-processed bars displayed temptingly at the candy aisle. These are loaded with refined sugar, additives, preservatives and all sorts of other nasties.

Raw… Chocolate?

We caught up with raw food enthusiast Hui Min, who supplies raw foods to organic retailers across the Klang Valley, and discovered a great way to prepare this amazing ingredient. Raw.

Advocates of raw food diet believe that processed food that’s heated above 46 degree Celcius loses a lot of its values. By preparing your chocolate raw and dairy-free, you lock in all the nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and flavanols that inspired the Mayans to call cacao the ‘food of the Gods’ in the first place.

Here’s a list of easy-to-make yet delectable raw chocolate goodies shared with us by Hui Min. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, oven-free and absolutely guilt-free. Rawr!


Hui Min - Raw Food EnthusiastThese recipes were contributed by Hui Min, who left her glitzy accounting career to delve into the raw food world. She has pursued multiple certifications on raw food and vegetarianism including the Pure Raw Chef Training Course by Amy Rachelle, and the Vegetarian/Vegan Mastery Program by the Vegetarian Health Institute.
She’s also a supplier of organic products to retailers in Kuala Lumpur. During her free time, she enjoys “un-cooking” for her family and friends. Questions? Email her at DietAngelEnt@gmail.com.
Written by: The HealthWorks Team

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