Recipe: Raw Chocolates

Hui Min - Raw Food Enthusiast


150g organic raw cacao powder
300g organic raw cacao butter
100g liquid sweetener (e.g. organic coconut palm nectar/raw honey/maple syrup. May adjust according to sweetness preference)
Pinch of sea salt

Optional Ingredients

Organic raw cacao nibs, crushed pistachio nuts etc. (you can add these to the chocolate mix itself or as toppings)


Approximately 10 pieces, depending on mould size


  1. Melt the raw cacao butter in a bain marie (a steel bowl over a large pot of just boiled water).
  2. Add the melted raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, liquid sweetener, and sea salt into a high power blender and give it a blitz.
  3. When well-blended, scrape the mixture into a bowl. (Optional: You may add any of the optional ingredients you wish like raw cacao nibs to the mixture.)
  4. Spoon the mixture into chocolate molds (we recommend heart-shaped silicone moulds for a touch of romance). Ice cube trays would work too if you haven’t any chocolate moulds on hand.
  5. (Optional: Place your raw cacao nibs or crushed nuts into the moulds before spooning in chocolate mixture if you want a pretty nutty topping).
  6. Refrigerate for an hour or more before popping out onto a plate or tucking into a pretty box as a gift!


Shopping Tip

These raw ingredients aren’t the easiest things to locate (we know because we tried), but you’ll definitely find some at Justlife Organic stores. They stock an assortment of raw foods as well as other organic products.

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Hui Min - Raw Food Enthusiast
This recipe contributed by Hui Min, who left her glitzy accounting career to delve into the raw food world. She has pursued multiple certifications on raw food and vegetarianism including the Pure Raw Chef Training Course by Amy Rachelle, and the Vegetarian/Vegan Mastery Program by the Vegetarian Health Institute.
She’s also a supplier of organic products to retailers in Kuala Lumpur. During her free time, she enjoys “un-cooking” for her family and friends. Questions? Email her at


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