Pros And Cons Of Wearing Scrubs

When you spot people wearing scrubs, you can’t help, but perceive them as medical professionals. It seems that these medical uniforms have already branded themselves as part of the hospital or clinic environment. These iconic garments have symbolized and represented the nursing trade mainly. What makes scrubs unique is their numerous merits contrary to the other conventional company uniforms, which may seem admirable, but aren’t that comfortable to wear.

Almost all healthcare professionals wear scrubs, so many people have grown accustomed to this workplace fashion. Scrubs entail many features that make them perfect for nurses and medical doctors to wear, especially for spotting bodily fluids and contaminants. If you want to own scrubs that provide comfort, shopping from online sites like will offer you many functional scrubs to choose from.

Take a look at the two sides of wearing scrubs:


1 .Comfort

You can tell from their appearance that scrubs are comfortable to wear. They look like pajamas, and who would dare say they wouldn’t want to wear this sleepwear anywhere? Nothing beats the feeling of being able to move freely without worrying about your shirt and pants hugging your body so tightly. Today’s scrubs are available in different colors, fabrics, designs, patterns, and even fashionable prints. This is just one of the many reasons healthcare professionals prefer wearing scrubs in their workstations.

2 .Cleaner Than Regular Clothes  

Also, scrubs are never re-worn twice without having them washed first. Thus, it’ll give peace of mind for everyone in the hospital to know that scrubs are cleaned at the end of a medical staff’s shift. 

There are strict hygiene protocols that need to be followed to ensure the staff’s safety and the patients they serve. When scrubs undergo these careful procedures, there are almost no chances for nurses and patients to spread bacteria and germs elsewhere.

3 .Protection From Harmful Contaminants

Another excellent function of scrubs is that it allows doctors and nurses to spot bodily fluids and contaminants like urine, blood, stool, and other liquids. 

Each and every hospital facility may require a uniform color or design of scrubs for their staff. Perhaps, the most common you can find is when they need to wear scrubs in solid colors like blue or white. 

4 .Easy To Wash And Clean

Hospitals and other medical facilities have their own laundering services, which clean and wash the scrubs thoroughly to maintain these uniforms’ sterilization and cleanliness. Some cleaning agents are specially used for such fabric, and they may be harsher than ordinary detergents. If you sometimes need to wash your scrubs yourself, you must follow the proper steps for cleaning medical scrubs. This is to ensure that the clothes are all free from bacteria, viruses, and contaminants.

5 .Inexpensive

Nursing scrubs, in general, are cheaper than other work uniforms. If needed, you can quickly dispose of it, not thinking that it’d be a waste of money. It also doesn’t require so much attention, so it’s suitable for medical professionals to wear on the go. They can be bought easily and can be replaced whenever you want to, without making an impact on your savings.

6 .Variety Of Designs

You can quickly move and flex your body without constraints while wearing scrubs. They come in various shapes and sizes so that they can comfortably fit any body type. Colored scrubs could be easier to spot and are comfortable on the eyes. You don’t have to feel drab while wearing them because of such fun designs that they come in. 

But, with the ever-changing fashion even in hospital industries, there are now medical institutions that allow their medical providers to wear fashionable scrubs that come in bright colors and exciting patterns. If you’re pretty observant, some medical departments like the pediatric wards always encourage their staff to wear printed scrubs as a means to attract kids and babies.

7 .Easy Identification

Some hospital facilities implement different colored scrubs to represent various departments. This makes it easier for patients to know who they have to approach when they need care. 

Medical team at a hospital


1 .Spread Of Bacteria

A primary downside of wearing scrubs is when you don’t take them off. If you go home wearing the same work clothes and enter your home in them, you’ve exposed your household members to the same bacteria and germs that your scrubs came in contact with. 

At the end of a single shift, many germs and contaminants had already stuck onto the fabric, so your scrubs aren’t safe to be worn back home. Many hospitals have begun their concern about this circumstance, so they adopt sterilization policies and proper handling of worn scrubs. Medical staff can easily follow guidelines on disposing of their scrubs after work, especially when strictly implemented in the organization. 

2 .Resembles Loungewear

Although this is just a minor downside, these scrubs resemble loungewear, and pajamas might be a significant factor for some people. Some may perceive it as less professional sometimes. Doctors may find it a bit awkward to wear, but it’s all about perspective and functionality. 

3 .Difficult To Pair With Other Clothes

Even working clothes look better when matched with other beautiful accessories and footwear. One of the problems with scrubs is that they might be challenging to match your other fashionable apparel. You’ll have difficulty finding the perfect jacket or coat, pants, shoes, and scarf to match them with. 

However, you can avoid this downside by sticking to one color palette so that you can maintain your fashion sense even while at work. If you have printed blue scrubs, get a plain, dark jacket to go with them.


In summary, wearing scrubs have more advantages than disadvantages. Overall, this work uniform will continue to be worn by medical personnel because of how comfortable, inexpensive, and protective they seem to be. The merits of wearing scrubs outweigh the drawbacks, so you should shop for the right scrubs now. Enjoy the wide range of offerings that comes in different colors, designs, patterns, and prints. 

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