[Infographic] Where the Most Germs are Lurking: It’s Not in Your Bathroom

We know enough about germs to wash our hands after spending time on the toilet. Sometimes we’re even vigilant enough to use soap before scarfing down a Ramlee burger (though realistically speaking that probably doesn’t happen very often). But the toilet and our hands aren’t the only places that harbour these nasty germs that make us prone to infections. That phone you’re happily scrolling on while ignoring your mates at the dinner table? That’s a hotspot too, and so is your keyboard that you’re currently typing on, and probably that mouse you haven’t cleaned since you got it.

Read this infographic to learn more about where the germs are lurking, courtesy of our friends at Dustbox:

Dirtiest-Surfaces-Infographic (1)


Now that you know where all germs are partying away, what should you do about it? How can you protect yourself from getting sick so often?

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Where else do you think is filled with germs and how do you suggest we avoid it? Share with us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!


Infographic contributed by Dustbox Cleaning Services, UK.

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