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Infographic: If Your Pee Could Talk, This is What It Would Tell You

Your urine gives good indication on the status of your body, from how hydrated you are, to whether you may have some serious disease and should see a doctor. Find out what your urine is telling you here:

Wait! Before you flush! Have you ever thought about checking the colour of your urine? We know you probably don’t want to be stuck in the toilet for too long, but take an extra second or two to figure out what your pee looks like.

Your urine is the window to your health, and can divulge important details about your body’s status if you would pay attention to the colour. This is because all the stuff that’s happening within your body eventually makes its way out through your urine.

So, what exactly is your pee trying to say? Find out in the infographic below:

What the colours of your pee means

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So, what has your pee told you about your health? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


A writer with a penchant for alliteration, Jolene is also a seaweed and green tea junkie in a love/hate relationship with working out. She likes reading everything, from cereal boxes to tombstone inscriptions, and trying to find meaning behind the words.


  1. What about smelly pee? I’ve heard that a sweet smell can indicate onset of diabetes, but I think it smells more like it does after eating asparagus. But I haven’t eaten asparagus!

  2. I really think all pee smells like asparagus, so I believe youre alright, mine does and doesnt from time to time so theres probably nothig to worry about.

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