Healthy Achiever: Toh Mi Mi, Triathlete, Mother & Lawyer

When most people complain about a packed schedule, they usually don’t mean juggling between being a mother of two, a partner in a law firm, as well as a triathlete. Toh Mi Mi finds time for all of the above, and much more.

Mi Mi, a lawyer for 13 years now, decided to cut back on time spent at work a few years ago so she could dedicate more time to her life and kids. In 2011, inspired by her 7-time Ironman husband, Mi Mi discovered her love for triathlons.

Since then, she’s participated in multiple marathons, triathlons, and cycling challenges. Nothing stands in her way. Even discovering a tumour marker last year didn’t stop Mi Mi from giving her all in the Shimano Highway Challenge 2013, just three weeks after having her gallbladder removed.

On 23rd November, Mi Mi’ll be challenging 78km in the Shimano Highway Challenge. She’s been training hard and looks forward to better timing since she was cycling post-surgery the year before.

toh mi mi

This strong-minded, go-getter is 41 this year, but you’ll never guess it from her radiant skin and fit body. We talked to Mi Mi to see how she makes the fullest of life:

1. With your busy schedule, how do you commit to a healthy lifestyle?

It’s simple actually. It is what you really want and how badly you want it. Just like resolutions. We make them at the start of every New Year and probably stick to it for a while but eventually it wanes off. It has been my resolution for many years to lead a healthy lifestyle and with time this has been like a primary nature to me.

I work around my children’s schedule and use my time wisely to train. It could be a run session followed by strength training in the mornings oftentimes in the gym when the kids are in school and a bike session on the trainer or a swim session in the evening when the kids are back from school.

2. What workout routine gets you in the groove?

I thoroughly enjoy strength training which not only includes free weights or the machines but I love TRX, fast fit and body pump.

Mi Mi at the Shimano Highway Challenge 2013
Mi Mi at the Shimano Highway Challenge 2013

3. When it comes to meals…

I always have small meals throughout the day. At least 4 meals a day with breakfast being mandatory. I try to stay away from carbs in the day and load up more protein-based food like grilled fish or chicken. My meals must always be accompanied by vegetables and fruits. But I do admit I’m a caffeine junkie. I love my coffee too much! 

4. How do you ensure you eat good, healthy food? 

I’m particular with the places I go to and I make sure the food that I order is usually not too oily, salty, and if possible as natural as an be. When I do cook during the weekdays or even the weekends I usually plan what I want to cook and prepare them ahead of time like marinating, washing, or cutting. And when this is done I’ll sneak in a bike session on the trainer for at least an hour and then start cooking when I’m done with my training.

5. Do you believe that taking care of your health helps you be more productive?

Oh definitely! 

When you’re healthy and fit not only do you look good in appearance but you’ll have an active mind and you’ll be able to carry out your tasks without any difficulties.

You’ll find yourself being more aware and acute of your surroundings. You won’t feel so tired or sluggish like you’re perpetually dragging your feet. You’ll find that you’ll be more positive towards life in general and this really helps when dealing with people around you, especially towards your love ones.

Mi Mi & her husband during the Port Dickson International Triathlon 2012
Mi Mi & her husband during the Port Dickson International Triathlon 2012

6. What’s the one thing that keeps you going? 

I guess being a mom, I would say my two kids keep me going. They’re the reason that I want to be around to see them graduating and one day having their own family.

7.  As a mom, how are you encouraging your kids to live healthy like you? 

I do encourage my kids to lead a healthy lifestyle, but with the modern age of technology (ipads, iphones and ipods, thanks to Apple) sometimes it is not easy trying to get the kids out of the house! But we do get them out of the house to follow us when we (my husband and I) train and we try to make training fun! For example when my son bikes, we run beside him or when they swim we let them play after they do their laps.


8. If I have a huge billboard this is what I will put on it… 

Live your life to the fullest! 

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