Ask the Expert: I’m a Virgin. How Do I Know if My Hymen is Still Intact?

how to know if your hymen is still intact


I am still a virgin and with my marriage to be held soon, I’m a little worried about what I might find out on our first conjugal night with my future husband. How can I know ahead if my hymen is still intact or torn? Does the hymen get torn only during sexual intercourse?


The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal entrance. When it is torn, it appears as a few pieces of loose skin around the entrance of the vagina. However, the shape, size and thickness of the hymen can vary from woman to woman – some are also born without any.

Although the hymen can be torn during sexual penetration, it can also be torn during non-sexual activities. Strenuous activities like bicycle riding, stretching and dancing can also cause the hymen to break – very much unnoticed.

Chances are if you’ve been exercising vigorously on a regular basis, your hymen may have already been torn and should no longer pose as a barrier to sexual penetration nor should you feel any tearing pain with the penile entry or be worried about blood spots. Focus instead on intimacy to be gained with your husband-to-be on your first special time together.



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