I Survived a Stroke and Walked 800KM After. Read How I Did It.

stroke survivor (3)
stroke survivor (3)
Pre-stroke, I was always food hunting

Before I had a stroke, I took health very lightly. I was your typical Malaysian who would travel extreme distances just to get a good bowl of kari laksa or bak kut teh. I would drop everything I was doing to join my makan and drinking kakis when they called. Sports and exercising never really made it onto my list of things to do as I was not a big fan of sweat.

I worked long hours as a regional director of a multinational corporation, and never knew what enough sleep and rest felt like. My life was filled with stress but I always went about thinking that age was just a number, and I could start relaxing when I retired.

The Wake Up Call

On 10th June, 2013, I got a wake up call. Sudden numbness struck my face, arms and leg. It was a terrifying feeling, like I didn’t have bones and simply couldn’t control my body motions. I felt dizzy and had trouble walking. The right side of my body had lost its balance and I was panicking. I could not understand what was going on and why this was happening to me.

After checking the symptoms on Google, I realised that I could be having a stroke. My wife rushed me to a hospital, but the world was not on my side that day, and the traffic was not kind to me. The first facility I went to was not equipped to deal with stroke and could not handle my condition. By the time I got to the second hospital and waited for the neurologist, he told me there was nothing he could do to reverse the effects of the stroke as it had been more than three hours since I had my stroke attack.

He then admitted me into the hospital and other specialists tried to bring down my glucose level through different prescription drugs and insulin, but none of them worked. I was observed in the hospital at my own cost, but treatment after treatment failed to lower my blood sugar level. A nutritionist came by to teach me how to eat right, but that did not reverse my stroke.

Depression Sets In

stroke survivor (5)
My darkest days when stroke struck

The following three months were the darkest days of my life. I couldn’t move some parts of my body. I felt like I was in two different bodies, one physical, one floating the the air. Every move was extremely difficult, like trying to lift an elephant, and I didn’t have the mental capacity for that. I felt hopeless, and at just 52, it was like life had ended for me. Work was obviously not an option, and I lost my job as a result to that.

With my life in shambles, I just retreated deep into myself, wallowing in my pain. I did not want to see anyone or do anything. I felt like life had dealt me a really bad card, and there was no way I could turn the game around.

Friends in Need

Fortunately for me, I had a few true friends who stuck around. I need to say a very special thank you to Datuk Wong. He tried his best to pull me from the pits of my depression. He was the one who visited me, encouraged me, and tried to make me see that life was not over. It took me three months but I started trying again.

Soon enough, with enough physiotherapy, I was able to walk again. My progress was steady and I was determined to get back on my feet.

Little Steps Back to Health

stroke survivor (4)
Rehabilitation post-stroke

I went to the National Stroke Association Malaysia (NASAM) for group physiotherapy exercises like aerobics, singing, qigong, yoga, pilates, balancing, games, and walking. They were truly heaven sent. Through many counselling sessions, and activities specifically designed for stroke survivors, NASAM encouraged us to stay strong and get active again.

Every morning at 7.30am, I was at the doors of the Malaysian Buddhist Association at Old Klang Road awaiting my acupuncture treatment. It was heavily subsidised and cost only RM10 per treatment, but the queue was very long and I usually managed to get my treatment around 11am to 12pm. However, it really helped with getting my nerves back up and running, so I didn’t mind the long wait. I took it as a good training for patience.

I also benefited greatly from the free one-to-one physiotherapy provided by the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), a programme specially created for stroke survivors. HUKM also had a good stroke facility capable of quickly handling stroke attacks.

The doctors recommended that I got plenty of exercise, so I also signed up for a gym membership at Celebrity Fitness. It costs about RM170 per month but there were lots of equipment for me to strengthen my muscles, and swimming pools for water-based exercises. There was also a warm spa pool to help improve my blood circulation.

Some days I spend at the public hot springs in Selayang. Entry is free and parking costs only RM2. I feel like it really helps activate blood circulation in the body.

You Hold the Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

stroke survivor (2)
One of my new habits, signing up for runs

I still worry about a recurrence of stroke, but I’m doing my best to keep it at bay by being good to my body. I eat healthy and stay away from artery-clogging food. It’s been 135 days since I started my morning walks, and I’ve done more than 800km in total. Every morning, I will walk about five to six kilometres. I’ve signed up for runs and walks to keep me active.

As you can see, my life has gone through a 180-degree transformation post-stroke. God had given me a second shot at life, and now that I finally see how fleeting being healthy can be, I am determined not to take it for granted. I’ve started doing some work during my spare time, selling life insurance so I can keep my finances afloat again, but that takes only second place to my priority – living healthy.

Don’t wait for a stroke, or any other disease to remind you to live healthy. Start today.


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Contributed by: Alvin Tay

5 thoughts on “I Survived a Stroke and Walked 800KM After. Read How I Did It.”

  1. Allvin Tay

    Being a Strokee Life has been not the same anymore. You have a new life to live, (one is the old you and another is the new you, which one you want to be) You have to make a decision, you can’t be relying on your helper or calling your love one to attend to your needs all the time. Right!. Pick up and put together yourself again even you have to force yourself to get back to track again…you have no choice…to get back your life again. No one know your pain and needs more than you know yourself. Get up…Get out from your chair or bed…keep walking even you have to takes hours to walk a kilometer. It takes me 1 hour 10 minutes to walk a kilometer now it only take me 13 minutes to walk a kilometer…you need to perseverance and never lets others steal your life away.. start your day early about 6am it the best time to get out your bed and start to walk. I know it is tough but as long as you are determine enough your leg and body will gain back the strength you desire. I am a good example for you to follow your new brain cells will give you new hope and life again. Should you have question you could email me allvintstay@gmail.com or cantact 0132705099 AllvinTay

    1. Dear Alvin,

      You have inspired many and given hope to many more with your story of overcoming stroke. Thanks for contributing to HealthWorks.my 🙂 We’re super happy to share your story!

  2. allvin tay

    Frequent questions a Strokee will ask
    1. My leg are very weak ….what should i do? Dont rush… start with strengthen your legs first… to strengthen your leg… lay down on the floor put your weak leg up 90 degree for at least 40 minutes each session …let the blood flow downwards ….rational is after treatment when you stand the new blood will rush downwards that is renew blood flow to your weak leg… do this at least 1or 2 aday. 2. Wrap around a weight bag approx. 1.25 kilo on each leg to walk…..rational is to weight your leg diwn so it could stablise when you walk… put on the weight bag the whole day just like part of your body…when u release it you shall feel thr difference. 3. Put a tennis ball at your lower back and roll on it as often as you can rational is to strengthen your back so you could walk proper. Use also tennis roll on the pain or pulling pain area oothers part of your body… it acts as a massager n press on to accupunture point to relax hour muscles.

  3. allvin tay

    Frequent question for Strokee have weak hand
    1. Raise your hand straight till it could touch your ear, repeat at leadt 36 times rest for 1 minutes repeat second set rest 1 minutes repeat 3 set.
    2. Lay down on the floor flat your hand on 90 degree flap up and down for 3 set each time 36 times rest 1 minute each set.
    3. Pick up dumb bell you can start with 1 kg then raise to 2 kg repeatly pull up your hand till reach to the top at least 3 set of 30 time rest 1 minutes interval.

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