Infographic: Which Pillow Helps You Sleep Better?

One morning I was helping my mom to change her bedsheets and pillow covers. I laughed at her when I discovered that her pillow was so flat that it gave me a 90-degree bow when I held it up. After thinking about it a bit, I realise this could be one of the reasons she’s not been sleeping well throughout the night.

If you experienced waking up groggy like you didn’t get enough rest, your pillow could be the problem.

If you’re constantly tossing and turning in bed, thinking that perhaps you were battling with insomnia, well maybe, just maaaybe, the main culprit is your pillow.

What’s interesting is we have the tendency to shop for more clothes than for new pillows – which experts advise we do every 12 to 18 months!

Now here’s the shocking fact: A bad pillow not only makes you grumpy the next day, over time it can put you at risk for everything from obesity to depression!

And it’s not just about replacing your pillows periodically, you also need to find the right one for your sleeping patterns. It’s about time to have a little pillow talk and get to know which you should date every night: 



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