Party Hard, Party Smart: 5 Tips to Keep Your Party Going

Party Hard, Party Smart Tips

A good party is a delicate mix of the right people, the right music, and the right food and drinks (especially for us Malaysians). But a great party is where everyone is having a blast and nobody’s puking on anyone. Here’s how to party hard and smart:

Party Hard, Party Smart Tips

Tip #1: Take care of your mates 

Your friends are there to have fun with you, but also there to make sure you’re doing okay. Return the favour and watch out for them too. When your friends goes for a pee break, watch their drinks for them. Also, don’t egg them to drink more than they are able to (if they’re losing their coordination and puking all over the place, it’s probably time to stop).

Tip #2: Jaga your barang

Big parties are awesome places for thieves. There are too many people around and no one is paying any attention. Keep your eye on your stuff so no one’s leaving with your wallet or peeing on your bag. Best advice? Bring minimal stuff and keep whatever you have in your pockets so there’s one less worry. Just watch out for the pickpockets.

Tip #3: Watch that your drink doesn’t get spiked 

Choose unopened bottles and cans over drinks in a glass. Always keep an eye on your drink (and if you’re heading to the bathroom, get a friend to watch out for you). Don’t accept drinks from strangers and don’t share drinks with people you don’t trust (germs!).

Tip #4: Skip the drugs and get high on music instead 

Yep. Music can get you high. Science says so! Research has shown that listening to highly pleasurable music releases the same reward neurotransmitter – dopamine – in the brain that is associated with food, drugs, and sex. So, ignore the drugs and turn to music for a great party without great risks to your health.

Tip #5: Elect a designated driver 

Don’t ruin a good time by risking your own life and the lives of innocent pedestrians. If you’re drinking, don’t take the wheel. Arrange for ride home in a taxi (it’s worth the price), or a friend who doesn’t like drinking to be the designated driver. End the night on a good note and boost your karma points by not drinking and driving. If you’ve only been drinking very little, check here to see if you should be driving.

Remember these tips and your night should go without a hitch!

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Written by: Jolene Foo

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