Gone Too Soon

Future Music Festival Asia


10 minutes.

That’s all the time this new found craze everyone is talking about takes to kill you.


That’s the time it’ll take you to recompense the fatal choice you made on the night of 14th March, 2014.


What about your family? What about your friends? What about that trip you had planned to go in June? What about the new college which you were so excited to join? What about that girl or boy next door that you have set your eyes on? Where would all these plans, aspirations, dreams go to now that you are not alive anymore? How about that new car you had wanted to buy?

Take a moment.

Now, it’s not you who have passed on but I’m talking about the 6 lives which was lost at Future Music Festival Asia.

Take a breather.

Realise that you are still alive and they are not.

Who is best to be blamed here? The music festival? The organisers? The people who took it? The people who didn’t? Those who came to hear the music? The artists who came to perform? The music itself?

Think again.

The people who sold it? Who are they? Where are they? Will they ever be caught for causing the deaths of these young people? Will they stop selling after this?

This pill.

A new drug? A common one with a new twist?

Gone too soon.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who had lost their lives. I’m sure you, the fathers and mothers had raised them up with good intentions and with all the aspirations that you,the family and friends would like to see them achieve. Now you have to live to tell the tale that all it takes for everything to stop, crash and burn is…

A wrong choice.


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Future Music Festival AsiaTony Leo has always loved music and theatre. He has been performing either as a singer-songwriter/guitarist/actor since 1999 and has attended many concerts, gigs, arts and music festivals around Asia either as an artist or as a spectator and vowed to continue to do so as long as he lives. He was there at Future Music Festival Asia 2014. He believes in partying responsibly.

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