[Infographic] Why You Should Sneak In A Power Nap To Recharge

Napping is not exactly in the equation at most Malaysian work places. Most people would think you’re slacking on the job or you’re just a daredevil if you nap in the office. Imagine this. You go to work, lunch and work through your sleepiness or grogginess until it’s time to go home. Sometimes you’re so sleepy that you can’t complete work on time. Not forgetting the time-consuming and stress-inducing traffic jams that you have get past to reach your destination (do some traffic jam exercises while you’re at it).

So it’s no wonder we’re all kind of burned out even before bedtime. A heavy lunch or an all-nighter doesn’t help the situation either. Try taking a nap whenever you’re feeling the mid-day slump. It could be a 2 to 5-minute Micro-nap, 5 to 20-minute Mini-nap or the recommended 20-minute Power nap. To avoid unpleasant moments, ask permission from your superior beforehand, make sure you do wake up on time so you don’t end up in a deep REM sleep and wake up to a warning letter the next day. If your superior is not convinced, show him/her this!

4 Healthy Reasons to I Need A Power Nap Now

  1. It gets rid of my sleepiness, which usually happens after lunch or mid-morning.
  2. I will be more alert so I can learn and do work more efficiently.
  3. Napping can improve my muscle memory and unclog my brain from unnecessary information so I will remember important matters better.
  4. If I get to nap for an hour, my attention span will get better while my muscles and bones get repaired too.

Napping is so awesome for your body and mind that even Albert Einstein and Margaret Thatcher are fans of napping! Read all about it in this informative infographic that hopefully convince you to put naps in a better light!

Source: www.mindbodygreen.com


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