Science Says You Should Kiss Your Sweetheart More (10 Ways Kissing Boosts Your Health)

If I were to list the things top 10 things I love in the world, kissing would come a close second, just slightly behind a batch of fresh-out-of-the-oven macadamia nut brownies (my guilty pleasure on cheat days).

There aren’t many things that will make you feel as soft and mushy inside as a (good) kiss would. A genuine bear hug comes close, but lacks a certain somethin’ somethin’.

I’m sure you remember you first kiss with your significant other. That rush of adrenaline as your emotions pour through your lips, that content feeling of having your loved one’s lips envelope yours. In honour of World Kissing Day today, we’d like to remind you that puckering up is not only good for the lovey-dovey feelings inside of you, it’s also great for your health!

Here are 10 reasons to start kissing more for your health:

1. Kissing washes bacteria off your teeth

This is kinda icky, but if you think about what you’re doing when you’re locking lips, it’s no surprise. The saliva from your smooch session clears off the harmful bacteria from your teeth, which helps break down oral plaque. [1]

2. Kissing keeps your relationship strong

We always associate kissing with arousal and sex, but researchers have found that kissing actually means much more. Smooching promotes bonding and attachment, and play an important role in long-term relationship contexts (especially for women). So men, if you want to keep your relationship strong, start kissing your ladies more. They deserve the love. [2]

Source: Disney
Source: Disney

3. Kissing lowers stress levels 

Notice how a passionate kiss can always end a heated fight, and make a long day seem just that tiny bit better? There’s actually some scientific backing to this, not just the imaginary butterflies in your tummy. Researchers studied couples who were living together full time, and found that an increased frequency kissing resulted in a decrease in stress levels. This is because kissing improves your physiological resistance to stress [3].

4. Kissing lowers your cholesterol

The same research also found that your blood lipids can be affected by stress, but by showing affectionate behaviour (like kissing), you can decrease cortisol levels which in turns decreases your stress levels and ultimately your cholesterol levels. This is only a hypothesis, but hey, any reason to kiss your loved one more eh? [4]


5. Men who kiss their wives before work live 5 years longer

AND they make 20-30% more money and are far less likely to get in a car accident! Of course, the scientists who did this study don’t really believe this is because of the kisses, but rather the fact that a kiss helps the men kickstart the day with a positive outlook, leading to a more productive and emotionally stable lifestyle. [5]

6. Kissing burns calories

Okay, it can’t compare with a 5km run or 10 laps in the pool, but if you’re about to bite into that cupcake, every calorie you can burn is welcome! Kissing involves moving quite a bit of your facial muscles and tongue muscles as well, so for every minute you kiss, you torch about 2-3 calories — double your metabolic rate. Of course, researchers are referring to passionate kisses, not pecks on the lips [6].

7. Kissing reduces allergic reactions

Researchers conducted a study of 60 people with skin or nasal allergies like allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis and made them kiss their spouses while listening to romantic music for 30 minutes. In the second part of the experiment, they were told to hug their partners for half an hour, but no kissing. Skin prick tests were administered both before and after each session, and they found that while hugging did not alleviate any of the allergic responses, kissing reduced some nasal and skin reactions. [7]

Source: Rex
Source: Rex

8. Kissing ups your immunity

Locking lips also helps to introduce viruses in small doses, which can trigger your body to build up resistance to it [8]. This doesn’t mean you should kiss your partner when they’re really ill though, as bodily fluids is also a great way to spread real bad bacteria. 

9. Kissing makes you a better partner

Besides the decreased cholesterol levels from point no. 4, the couples in the kissing group also reported that they exercised more, argued less, had less conflict, and understood each other better. [9]

10. Kissing gets you high (without drugs)

Kissing releases stimulants which can make you go hoooooo! Among some of these are oxytocin (a hormone which is associated with social bonding), dopamine and norepinephrine (which are hormones that get activated when you’re in a new situation — the feeling of excitement). These all combine to give you a rush and a sense of affection, but of course, is only possible if you’re with the right person. [10]


As it’s World Kissing Day, we leave you with this not-so-new, but still heartwarming vid of strangers kissing:

What are ya waiting for? Go make out! 


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Written by: Jolene Foo

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