10 Things We Learned About You in Our Top 10 Posts of Mid-Year 2014

Hi there! June has ended and we are finally in the second half of 2014!

It has been a good year so far for the HealthWorks.my team! We kickstarted the website at the end of February to provide relatable, useful and engaging health content for Malaysians.

We wanted to create content which you’ll want to share with your family and friends. Content that will inspire you to change for the better, even just a tiny bit at a time, for the sake of your health. Because without great health, you’ll probably not be able to enjoy very much in life!

We were really touched when you wrote in to tell us how much it helped you and your family and friends! Your words of encouragement are deeply appreciated and we want to continue to share what is helpful.

Our journey is still ongoing, and we wish that at least one or two articles on HealthWorks.my have helped you make better choices for your health and happiness. We took a look at our stats for the first half of 2014, and here are some of the very interesting stuff we’ve learned about you:

1. You guys love learning about your poo.

Poop infographic

Infographic: How Well Do You Know Your Sh*t?

2. And you’re also awfully curious about your pee too! 

pee, healthworks.my, healthworks

Infographic: If Your Pee Could Talk, This is What It Would Tell You

3. Your face turns red when you drink even a little alcohol and people call you “hellboy”.

Source: inotfattt.blogspot.com
Source: inotfattt.blogspot.com

Do You Turn Red After Half a Beer? You Could Have Alcohol Flush Reaction

4. Every weekend, you suffer the side effects of binge drinking.

6 hangover cures that actually work
Credits: Getty Images

6 Hangover Cures that Actually Work

5. The mamak stall is your favourite hangout, but you’d like to make your time there healthier, slightly.

mamak, street food, malaysia, eating out

9 Ways to Eat Healthier At A Mamak Stall

6. You love cooking cheap and easy meals at home.

Quick Healthy Meals Under RM10

Healthy Meals for 2 Under RM10 (11 Quick and Easy Recipes)

7. You look out for your health even during Ramadhan.

Source: evis1.blogspot.com
Source: evis1.blogspot.com

Ramadhan: Top 10 Tricks to Fast Healthier (and Not Gain Weight Before Raya)

8. You might have realised you got your contact lens hygiene wrong!

contact lens bad habits
Credits: huffingtonpost.co.uk

6 Contact Lens Hygiene Habits You May Have Been Getting Wrong

9. You love unique, active dates. No, wait. You love cheap, unique and active dates.

Free or Cheap dates around the Klang Valley
Credits: luxuo.com

10 Free (or Very Cheap) Date Ideas Around the Klang Valley (that are Healthy Too!)

10. There are quite a lot of you who want to start hitting the tracks!

How to start running
Credits: blog.chsbuffalo.org

How to Start Running: Easy 4-Week Programme

A big thank you to all our readers! 

We just want to say what a privilege it is having you with us, sharing the knowledge with your family and friends. We are really happy when you told us it helped you and your family! We are truly grateful and we hope the best for you in your journey towards healthy and happy. We will always be here cheering you on! Please cheer us on too! We need you! 🙂

Do continue to help inspire other Malaysians to live healthier and happier by liking and sharing our posts. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your health, email them to expert@healthworks.my! If you would like to provide feedback on how we can improve, drop a mail to hello@healthworks.my!

If you would like to level up your fitness, we have a special bootcamp offer for all HealthWorks.my members. Find out more here. If you would like to learn more about nutrition and become the nutrition consultant for your family, check out this cool diploma.

Here’s to Healthy and Happy! Rock on!


The HealthWorks Team

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