Ask the Expert: Can My Pharmacist Help with Health Advice?


How can my pharmacist help with healthcare advice and consultations?


Being healthy is a lifetime commitment as good health offers a better quality of life and wellness. Just as you rely on your family and close friends to help
you through the ups and downs in life’s challenges, you’ll also need a team of healthcare professionals to assist you with your healthcare needs.

Besides your doctor and dentist, it is worth knowing your pharmacist better too. A visit to your local pharmacy is more than just getting medication. You, too, can gain the following benefits:

1. Healthcare information

Building a partnership with your pharmacist is a smart move to keep you informed and aware of health information and diseases, and to prevent further health complications. This in turn translates to better quality of life and reduced hospitalisation and healthcare costs.

2. Management of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes require long-term medication. Besides your doctor, your local pharmacist can further help you manage your medication to control your condition. Likewise for those who are taking multiple medications; the pharmacist can best advise you on the dosage regime and possible interactions with other drugs.

3. Healthcare products and services

As a professional who is trained in healthcare, the pharmacist can provide health-related services such as blood pressure checks and blood sugar monitoring. Most pharmacists are also well-stocked with a wide range of prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs and personal care items – including wound management items – to cater to your healthcare needs.

4. Treatment of minor ailments

The pharmacist can help to treat minor ailments such as colds, coughs, sore throat and offer first aid advice for cuts, and burns. The pharmacist would also be able to prompt you to see a doctor immediately if what seems to be a minor ailment is possibly an indication of a more serious underlying condition.

So when was the last time you were in touch with your pharmacist? If it has been awhile, start today. Make a trip to your local pharmacy in your neighbourhood. It is a small but worthwhile investment for your health. 


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