Your Post-Workout Meal: What to Eat in Malaysia

Malaysia has a great variety of cuisine and food available to us all. This is simply because of the multi-cultural society, and the roots of our country. One of the more frequent questions I usually get in regards to food is; What to eat?

Well, with the above said and knowing your training goals are to get in shape plus keep fit, and not extensively lose weight or gain more muscles; below will be a list of commonly found meals here in Malaysia that I believe are a great source of well-balanced nutrition and satisfaction to our bodies.

1. Chap Faan (Chinese Style Mixed Rice Selection)

Usually found in Chinese hawker eatery shops. There’s a whole load of selections available, pick and mix your dishes to a colourful looking meal to feast on. Based on your own preference, you’ll be able to figure out which cooking style suits you best for each dish selection. That’s the best part without a doubt. The only setback here is that the price may be a bit costly depending on the vendor.

2. Tandoori Chicken and Naan

Head to the nearest mamak (local malay-indian eatery) that are usually open 24 hours, and get your tandoori chicken. Baked in a clay made stove/pot I would consider it one of the heartier cooking styles available today. The meat portion may be a bit small, but if that’s the case, add up on it. Top it up with the Naan bread if you’re coming off a heavy training session. This should get you full after a hard day’s work. Downside here is, they are usually only available from dinner time onwards.

3. Nasi Briyani or Mamak Rice (Malay-Indian Style)

Similar to the mixed rice option above, but now from the mamak shops. Slight differences here that may be a setback are:

  • Dishes are usually oilier, or curry-based due to cuisine style.
  • May limit the options for a more clean and balanced meal

Overall if you pick the right dishes, you’d still be able to get a pretty whole and balanced plate of nutrition. Just go easy on the curry and sauces.

4. Chicken Rice

These stalls can provide good portions of meat, rice. But can be low with the veggies. I would recommend adding the extra side dish of veggies to accommodate your meal. If you are a big eater, a single portion of chicken may not be sufficient. Top it up with some extra portions of chicken, or Char Siew and Siew Yoke (pork varieties) that are available.

5. Tai Chow (Chinese Style Cooked per Order Dishes)

If you already know your favourite dishes, order away. Try and make the table colourful with a few dishes that create just that. Be sure you’ve got your meat, veggies, perhaps eggs, and other similar dishes that keep you happy and well fed. Keeping off the noodles dishes and other tempting local favourites would be good, but not really a must. Just be sure that the colour and balance is on the table. It’s a great place for a heavy post workout feast with good variations.

That’s about it on food for thought, some good local food that would go well with your training and appetite. Don’t forget to keep track on a good balance of portions to what you’re eating at the same time. Never starve yourselves, eat up and enjoy your meals after your hard day’s training session!


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Contributed by Benjamin Goh of The Vanguard. The article originally appeared here.

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