16 Weird Workout Trends That Will Make You Sweat

Humans get bored really easily don’t you think? One minute we are all about scaling walls and the next we are game for some crossfit. This is probably why the fitness world has to come up with new, unique and sometimes just plain weird workouts every year to keep you wanting and moving more. We dug around and found 16 weird workouts that might make its way to Malaysia someday which could rock your fitness boat if you’re getting bored of your usual workout routine:

1. Backwards Running

Running forward is getting too clichéd so it’s time to do it backwards. Also known as retro running, it’s said to be a great way to cool down, improve your balance and improve your neuromuscular efficiency [1]. This workout claims to put less stress on your knees and helps to keep your posture upright too [2]. But make sure you are at a safe place before starting your run to avoid any accidents.

2. Naked Yoga

You will be doing the usual yoga poses but sans clothes. Naked yoga could help you tap deeper into your spirituality and it teaches you to embrace your body so it can be liberating. But it’s NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and probably won’t be able to reach our shores for now. But hey, no one is stopping you from practising naked yoga in the comforts of your own home with the doors closed and windows shaded.

3. Doga (Dog Yoga)

dog yoga
Source: www.newsweek.com

Why not bring your canine companion to your next yoga session and practice some traditional hatha yoga moves together [3]? Though this workout trend is not in Malaysia yet, it’s taking UK by storm since it was introduced by yoga instructor, Mahny Djahanguiri. Doga might help improve the harmony and synchronization of energy flow between the you and your dog [4].

4. Barefoot Running

Before running shoes started becoming the ‘in’ thing, humans were running barefoot. Researchers said that barefoot runners have more range of motion in the foot and use more of their toes [5]. As you flex, spread, splay and grip the surface with your bare feet, you have less pronation (rolling of the foot for shock absorption) and pressure is evenly distributed [6]. Just make sure wherever you will be jogging or running at is safe from any sharp object or surfaces.

5. Treadmill Class

Group treadmill classes have not picked up in Malaysia yet but it’s booming in the US [7]. With treadmill classes, you get more out of your usual solo treadmill workouts because the trainer would be giving you different instructions to adjust the inclinations, speed and intensity of your treadmill. Also, you will be sweating away with other people in the class so that can be a source of motivation too.

6. Trapeze Class

trapeze classes
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Always wondered how the flying trapeze artists in circuses perform death-defying moves? Well now there is a chance to learn it. No matter what your age is, if you want to learn to swing from bar to bar and heights are not an issue to you, you can try this out. It could sculpt your upper body muscle while you are having fun [8].

7. Bokwa

Most people would compare Bokwa to Zumba because both provide an intense cardio dance workout that even a non-dancer can follow. What makes Bokwa different is a fusion of hip-hop, step aerobics and South African-style dance where the steps are based on letters and numbers [9]. You will be sweating buckets by the time you finish dancing out.

8. Drumming

drumming workout class
Source: lifestyle.inquirer.net

All you need are some drumsticks in different weights to pound away your calories during a drumming workout class. You will be pounding your drumsticks on floors and exercise balls as you perform aerobic and dance moves in different speed intervals [10]. Who knew that sweating like a rockstar is actually good for you?

9. Indoor Surfing

Known as Surfset, this workout takes place indoors instead of the beach so you can get a surfer bod without getting drenched in sea water. You will be ‘surfing’ on the RipSurfer X which is a plastic board atop three tiny Bosu-like balls secured at a base that moves according to the ocean waves with no shark attacks involved [11].

10. Baby Bootcamp/ Stroller Fitness

baby bootcamp
Source: wellandgood.com

Got some babies to care for and won’t be able to squeeze in a workout session? You can enroll yourself in Baby Bootcamp where you can bring your babies along to assist in your workouts and save money on daycare too. In Baby Bootcamp, you will be doing high-intensity, stroller-based moves that gets you sweating but before that, you have to make you sure your babies are comfortable and have some toys to play with while you are squatting away [12].

11. Punk Rope

Remember how you used to be able to do some cool tricks on the skipping ropes with your buddies during recess? Well, this is just like it but with more intensity. You will be alternating between rope jumping and conditioning drills such as lunges, squats and sprints with unique names like Charlie Brown and Wizard of Oz [13].

12. Twerkercise

Oh yes, Miley Cyrus’s twerk is now a trending workout. It mostly involves shaking your butt while performing squats and other dance and aerobic moves. Either way, you are getting a full-body workout but your butt will be the most toned amongst your other body parts.

13. Zuu

zuu workout
Source: vergemagazine.co.uk

Hailing from Australia, Zuu is the combination of high-interval training with exercises that are based on 7 primal movements which are pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and on your gait (walking, jogging, sprinting) [14]. So expect to work out to frog squats, gorilla jumps, bear crawls and more.

14. Kangoo Jump

kangoo workout
Source: mizzfit.com

Put on your Kangoo shoes and dance to the music as the trainer guides you to some choreographed dancing, jumping and running moves for 45 minutes [15]. This high intensity cardio workout is said to burn as many calories as running while putting less strain on your joints. But would you hop around the streets in your Kangoo shoes?

15. Cycle Karaoke

It’s a cycling class but with the addition of an impromptu karaoke session with your cycling classmates. One trainer would be guiding the class while another trainer would be passing the microphone to each of you so you have a chance to sing solo. You will be cycling according to the beats of the songs but we are not sure if your throat or legs will be more sore the next day.

16. Prancercise

prancercise gif
Source: www.tumblr.com

We saved the weirdest for last! Created by Joanna Rohrback, Prancercise is an equine-inspired workout where you will be prancing and galloping around like a horse. Just prance and gallop freely wherever you are, be it the park, hills and beach. Check out this video of Prancercise in action and try it out!


What is the weirdest workout trend you have ever heard of? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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