Ask the Expert: My Friend was Diagnosed with Tuberculosis, Should I Get Checked Too?

Ask the Expert: Tubercolosis signs


My best friend was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. Is it contagious and should I get myself checked too to see if I’m infected?


Yes, tuberculosis (TB) is contagious – particularly if the infected person coughs excessively and is in close contact with others. In fact, there is a possibility of TB making a widespread comeback due to the increase in overseas travel – especially when coming into contact with others who are not immunised against TB.

If you have a cough that does not go away within two weeks – coupled with night sweats, appetite and weight loss – you should get a medical check- up to rule out TB infection.

In regards to your friend’s diagnosis, it is wise to go for a check-up nevertheless instead of waiting for these symptoms to appear. Note that people close to you may also need screening to rule out any possible TB infection.


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