Top 9 Anti-Aging Tips to Stop Premature Wrinkling

Stop Premature Wrinkling

Wrinkles come with age and signify the wisdom you have gained throughout the years. However, did you know you could start developing wrinkles way before middle age? Your lifestyle determines how early you start aging. Although you can’t stop the clock, you can delay the effects of aging by following these top anti-aging tips:

1. Stay away from the sun

The sun’s the leading cause of wrinkles (scientists believe that up to 80% of your skin’s aging is due to sun exposure). So always apply sunscreen, stay in the shade if you can, and wear hats when you can’t. And even if you’re in your car, you’re still getting sun exposure, so remember your sunscreen! Experts recommend something that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF30 upwards.

2. Have a proper skincare regime

Don’t wait till you’re older to start on a good skincare routine. Many experts believe that prevention is the best medicine against skin aging. If you’re in your mid-20s, you don’t have to start on an anti-aging skincare routine just yet, dermatologists say. Instead, get a proper sunscreen (your best defense), a daytime antioxidant moisturiser or serum which helps to minimise the oxidative damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. Retinoids are also an effective anti-aging ingredient, according to numerous studies, and can be obtained over the counter or on prescription.

3. Stop smoking

Here’s yet another reason to stop smoking – premature wrinkles. Nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in your skin, which decreases blood flow. Lower blood flow = lower oxygen and nutrients, which will cause your skin to sag. And this doesn’t just happen on your face, but in other parts of your body too. So, save your money, your lungs, and your skin by ditching the cigarettes.

4. Change your sleeping position

Experts say that sleeping on your back is the best way to go. Sleeping on your stomach or your side pushes your face against the pillow and in the long-term can form wrinkles.

5. Ditch the yo-yo diets

Constantly losing weight and then gaining it back will keep stretching your skin, causing it to lose its elasticity, which will eventually cause wrinkles. Instead of going on fad diets, eat a sustainable healthy diet and lose the weight slowly so you don’t stress your skin out too much.

6. Drink loads of water

While lack of moisture in your skin doesn’t cause wrinkles by itself, dry skin accentuates the wrinkles and make them more apparent. Drink enough of your daily H20 intake so your skin looks soft and supple, instead of dry and parchment-like.

7. Skip the sugar

Studies show that too much sugar causes premature wrinkles and aging skin. Too much sugar can intensify the internal process called glycation, which is a fancy way of describing the sugar in the bloodstream which eats up the functional parts of cells, causing them to not work well anymore. This in turn damages the collagen and elastin, which keeps your skin firm and elastic.

8. Stop stressing out

If you’re always stressed out, there’s going to one more reason to stress even more – wrinkles. Research showed that people who experience long-term psychological stress have cells that age prematurely. Stress also contributes to poor health and can up your risk for heart diseases and other scary stuff. So, sit back, put your life in perspective and de-stress instead. Here are 19 ways to reduce stress in your life.

9. Power up on antioxidants

Eat a balanced, healthy diet loaded with fresh fruits and veggies. Your skin needs B vitamins and biotin (which forms new, healthy skin cells), as well as Vitamin C and E (antioxidants which help shield your skin from the sun and pollutants). Tomatoes are good sources of biotin and vitamin C, while carrots up your biotin and vitamin A intake. To get more vitamin E, eat your green leafy veggies and some almonds.


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Edited by: Jolene Foo
Adapted from “Premature Wrinkling” by Dr. Tom Mammone, Clinique Research and Development Executive Director.

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