Top 22 Anti-Smoking Ads Ever Created

You’ve probably thought about quitting at least a dozen times. The cost keeps rising, and people keep telling you to stop. You’ve probably tried going cold turkey, or have even succeeded in not smoking for a month. But you’re here because you went back to the cigarettes. And you really need some motivation to cut it from your life again.

We know you’re trying to quit. And you’re not alone. The National Health Morbidity Survey 2008 shows that 71.1% of Malaysians had intentions to quit in the coming 6 months. Some try. Some succeed. Some backslide.

As World No Tobacco Day is coming up in a couple of days on May 31st, we hope the compilation of anti-smoking ads below helps you get your priorities straight, and strengthen your resolve to quit.

1. This anti-smoking ad by Russian firm News Outdoor Group

smoking ad 10

2. You smoke. We smoke.

smoking ad 2

3. 53,000 non-smokers die every year from secondhand smoke

smoking ad 4

4. Smokers make poor swimmers

smoking ad 5


5. Smoking. Pleasure for you. Poison for your family.

smoking 17


6. Allow extra time to put on your legs

smoking ad 6


7. Are you a smoker? This is the amount of tar in your lungs after 2 years.

smoking ad 8


8. Suicide / Homicide

smoking ad 9


9. Secondhand smoking is murder, why consent?

smoking ad 11

10. Bug spray vs cigarette

smoking ad 12


11. The coffin is a designated smokers area

smoking ad 13


12. Smoking reduces weight (one lung at a time)

smoking ad 14


13. Kill a cigarette and save a life

smoking ad 15


14. Burying the smokers

smoking ad 16


15. Social farter vs Social smoker

smoking ad 18


16. It’s called suicide because it’s your choice

smoking ad 19


17. Smoking strangles your life

smoking ad 20


18. Smoking damages the tissues in your penis

smoking ad 21


19. For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking

smoking ads1

20. Smoking leads you to the hospital bed

smoking ad 3

21. Women who smoke feed more than just milk to their children

smoking ad 7


22. Downloading Cancer

anti smoking ad2


What do you think of these ads? Did they hit a nerve? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


Compiled by: Jolene Foo

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