Healthy Lunch Delivery Review: The Lunch Club Asia

“What shall I have for lunch today?” That’s the question The Lunch Club Asia yearns to address. The Lunch Club is driven by the belief that “good food is only good for you if it tastes amazing and leaves you energized long after your last bite”. They have a strict interesting policy – “No-Rabbit-Food”. So don’t worry, you won’t be getting hard cold baby carrots for snacks!

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The Lunch Club’s minimalistic designed home page
The awesome people behind The Lunch Club feels the pain when it comes to maintaining a good diet throughout a hectic lifestyle. So it’s their aim to make good balanced food accessible for everyone. They shared that every meal has a balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. All of these feed the body with slow release energy to help you through the rest of your high-powered day.
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One fresh weekly recipe by The Lunch Club

Subscribing to The Lunch Club means you’ll get your dose of superfoods in every meal too. These range from fruits like cranberries and pomegranate,  to seeds and nuts like chia,  cashew, sesame etc. Honestly, how many of us take these in if we were to cook ourselves?  These tiny packs of antioxidants, minerals and other micronutrients are essential to the body’s efficiency. The great thing about superfood is – it is also superb in making food look amazing and tastes delicious. We were privileged to get a good dose of balanced meal for two weeks, which was two fresh meals. Here’s our take:

Summer Pasta 

lunch club What’s in the box: Grilled chicken breasts coated with harissa, penne pasta, cherrie tomatoes, zucchini, crumbled feta cheese and parsley

Taste: Pasta was cooked to al-dente, had a light olive oil taste to it and was moist enough which I loved.  The grilled chicken breast strips were not too dry (as sometimes chicken breasts can be very tough). Mixing with cherrie tomatoes was a good choice because it added some juiciness to the whole bite. And if you want something different, the zucchini helped add a little crunch to this soft and tender meal.

Verdict: It’s a simple meal that is widely accepted by most of us.  They did have a mix of carbs, fat, and protein. However my concern was the portion size of pasta might be too big for me and I might have overate. Since pastas are empty calories (means it doesn’t provide much nutrients), smaller portion sizes will be better to avoid weight gain. Another alternative would be using whole wheat pasta, at least we’ll get the major B vitamins. The zucchini does help to increase our fiber intake (generally, Malaysians lack of fiber). Among all vegetables, zucchini has a lower amount of fiber relatively. But it’s better than none!

Spicy Buffalo Chicken

4 What’s in the box: Buffalo chicken chunks, creamy iceberg lettuce and celery with ranch dressing wrapped in whole wheat wrap. Served with sweet potato mash.

Taste: Wrap tasted really delicious! A good blend of texture and flavour in a bite. The spiciness of the dressing was tolerable for me (as I can’t really eat spicy) and I loved the crunchiness of the celery. This combo made a boring wrap meal interesting and enjoyable. They had a good amount of chicken chunks in it as well. The mash tasted okay.

Verdict: I really liked the wrap, though I believe two of them is enough. I kept the other for dinner. Definitely getting lots of nutrients from the sweet potato. It’s high in mineral, fiber and vitamins – especially vitamin A! I do hope the ranch dressing wasn’t too sinful with too much of buttermilk in it. I will totally go back for this meal, and share the portion with someone, of course!

The Good:

  • On time delivery and the delivery guy will personally call me when he arrived.
  • Ordering system is simple.
  • There are currently 7 outlets in Klang Valley where you can pick up your food from instead. So if you live/work around there, it’ll be pretty convenient.
  • Portion is pretty huge for a girl, especially if you are controlling your portion. So it can be shared.
  • Wholesome and balanced in terms of carb, fat and protein for these two meals. I do hope their range of recipes will provide varied meals so we get the goodness from most of the macro and micro nutrients.
  • No long term subscription, you order when you want to. This makes it easier since sometimes we might not be in office.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Price is slightly higher than some of the other deliveries. Ranges from RM20 a box for single order to RM14 a box for 10 orders. Suggest to gather your amazing colleagues/friends to share out the cost.
  • Only ONE fresh meal a week for the time being. So if you love them, you will have to wait for another week.
  • Wished they incorporated more leafy or cruciferous vegetables. But it could be because it wouldn’t go well with the dish I ordered.

So, did I feel energized long after my last bite? I wasn’t sure. But I’m very sure there was no rabbit food! 🙂

Click to OrderThe Lunch Club Disclaimer: All meals were sponsored by The Lunch Club Asia.

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