5 Reasons To Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Where To Learn

Put together surfing and kayaking, and you’ll get Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) which is the best of both worlds. You get to stand on a surfboard and admire the view as you paddle across rivers, lakes and seas. Though it doesn’t look as strenuous as surfing and kayaking, you are actually getting a full-body workout with SUP.

SUP originated from Hawaii back in the 1960s. When the waves are not suitable for surfing , surfers resort to SUP to check out the wave situation and for training. The good thing about this sport is that anyone can do it as long as you learn the correct techniques and you want a good workout that’ll leave you sun-kissed [1]. Paddling on calm waters is the best for beginners.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

1. It strengthens your core

The most important component in SUP is balance as you have to engage your core and leg muscles when you are standing on the board to keep yourself balanced.

2. You are getting a full body cardio and strength workout

Not only your core and balance is at work, you will be using your arms, back and shoulders strength to propel the paddleboard with the paddle. Hey, you can even race with your buddies to get some cardio in.

3. It’s great for cross-training

You can add in some yoga or pilates while you are on the board. It will be an exciting challenge because you will be practicing your downward dog on an unstable surface. More core work we say!

4. It’s low impact

Stand up paddle boarding is a low impact exercise so it is a great exercise when you are recovering from an injury.

5. You get to de-stress

Also, it helps to lower your stress levels since water has healing properties.

If you can’t surf or are afraid of surfing, try stand up paddle boarding instead. You can still catch some waves and join in on the fun.

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Where To Learn SUP


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