10 Quick & Yummy Snacks Under 100 Calories


You’ve been good all day. You ate a great breakfast of oatmeal and a glass of milk. You resisted the urge to snack at 11am. You ordered two veggie dishes, grilled fish, and some brown rice for lunch, and skipped the sugar-laden teh tarik. But it’s 4pm now and your tummy is grumbling. You want, no, you NEED to munch on something, and some kind (or unkind) soul had left a chocolate cake in the pantry.

Are you going to ruin your entire day’s progress by succumbing to the wrong snack? No! Here are 10 healthier (and super convenient) snack ideas to help you stay away from the chocolate cake. All of them will cost you only a maximum of 100 calories:

1. Miso soup

Credits: taneseitrading.com.sg

Our pick: Marukome (we found it at Isetan)
Calories: 29kcal  per cup (made from 1 x 19g pack)

You find these instant miso soup packs in the supermarket all the time. All you have to do is mix with hot water and voila! you have a cup of yummy miso soup, complete with seaweed and tofu! Miso paste is made from fermented soy bean which is rich in probiotics and has been known to help prevent cancer and hypertension!

2. Natural low-fat yogurt 

Credits: eshop.tesco.com.my

Our pick: Dutch Lady Natural Low-fat Yogurt
Calories: 84kcal per cup

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and protein, plus all the live cultures also make it great for digestion. Throw in a sprinkling of your favourite dried fruit and you can almost pretend it’s ice cream! Just a note of caution, quite a lot of low-fat yogurts have very high sugar content, so read the ingredients list before you dig in. We chose Dutch Lady natural yogurt as it contained no sugar.

3. Dried fish fillet 

Credits: bigcommerce.com

Our pick: Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet
Calories: 81 kcal per 25g (half a rather large packet, since these are light)

Made from fresh fish meat, our favourite childhood snack is actually not all that bad for us, when it’s up against Twisties, Mr. Potato and the rest. No cholesterol, no saturated fat, and low in sodium, this makes an ideal snack when you have the munchies. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s high in protein too!

4. 2/3 can of tuna 

Ayam brand tuna
Credits: ayambrand.com.sg

Our pick: Ayam Brand Tuna Light Flakes in Water
Calories: 86 kcal for 2/3 of the can

Whip out a teaspoon, crack open the can, and tunaaaa! High in protein, omega-3 fatty acids (the good fats you need), B vitamins, and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein, or good cholesterol), tuna is a quick, filling and healthy snack. However, there are also risks in chowing down on too much tuna due to mercury poisoning, so remember, moderation and balance. Choose the ones that come in water instead of oil or brine (salted water), as it’s the healthiest option.

5. Slice of wholegrain bread 

Credits: spinarecipe.com

Our pick: Gardenia 100% Wholegrain Bread / Massimo 100% Wholegrain Bread
Calories: Gardenia: 73kcal per 30g slice / Massimo: 94kcal per 35g slice

Eat a slice of wholegrain bread with a piece of sun-dried tomato (6.4 kcal and absolutely yum!) for a wholesome snack that’s low in glycemic index, but high in satisfaction. Wholegrains help to lower cholesterol, reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer.

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6. A banana 

Credits: womansday.com

Calories: 90kcal per small banana (101g) / 105kcal per medium banana (118g)

Just throw one of these into your bag before departing to work / school for a quick afternoon snack. Packed with carbs and potassium, bananas are also high in trytophan, which converts into serotonin in your body  – the hormone that makes you happy! Psst: Make sure you don’t forget your banana otherwise it’ll turn into a mushy lump of sadness.

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7. Few small pieces of dark chocolate 

Green & Black Dark Chocolate
Credits: ultimatechocolateblog.blogspot.com

Our pick: Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with 70% Cocoa
Calories: 100kcal per 5 pieces

You’ve probably heard all the reports about how dark chocolate is great for you and helps to improve cardiovascular health. So, nibble on a few as a snack, but remember that there is still some milk and sugar content in those bars. Pick those with 70% cocoa and above to actually enjoy the health benefits of cocoa. However, moderation, once again, is key.

8. Rice crackers 

Fantastic Rice Crackers
Credits: productreview.com.au

Our pick: Fantastic Seaweed Rice Crackers
Calories: 91 kcal per 14 pieces

These rice crackers are quick and easy, almost like munching on chips. While not exactly the most healthy snack item on the planet (because it’s made from refined white rice), these will help you curb your craving for high-calorie Doritos. They are also very low-calorie and will help those trying to lose a few kilos, but don’t overdo it.

9. Carrot sticks and hummus

Carrot sticks with hummus
Credits: nilssonsambrosia.com

Calories: 25kcal per tbsp of hummus / 25kcal per medium carrot (61g)

Slice up the carrot into sticks and dip into hummus for a crunchy, flavourful snack. You could even have two medium carrots, with two tablespoons of hummus dip at only 100 kcals. That’s a big bang for your calorie buck if you ask us. Don’t want to use store-bought hummus? Check out this oil-free hummus recipe!

10. Crispbread with mashed avocado

Wasa original crispbread
Credits: waissels.com

Our pick: Wasa Original Crispbread (73% Wholegrain)
Calories: 35kcal per crispbread / 65kcal per quarter small avocado

Mash up a quarter of a small avocado with a bit of salt, pepper, and lime juice. When well-mixed, spread the delectable green stuff onto your crispbread and get ready for a creamy, crispy explosion of flavour. The crispbread is high in dietary fiber and phosphorus, which helps you go poo poo. Avocados are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, which reduces levels of bad cholesterol in your blood while lowering your risk of stroke and heart disease. Who says healthy food can’t be delicious?

While these snacks are certainly healthier when compared to potato chips or a bag of pisang goreng, you should still enjoy in moderation. Remember, the calories add up and fresh fruits and vegetables are always a better option.


We hope this helped. If you have anymore low-calorie, high-health snack ideas, share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


Written by: Jolene Foo

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