5 Ways To Self-Motivate Without Self-Hating

Look Deeper Into The Mirror

What do you see? It’s a strange question to ask yourself, but definitely one that is worth thinking about. The way you perceive your reflection in the mirror is crucial to your understanding of your relationship with your body. Are you at peace with your own body or are you constantly criticizing and belittling yourself?

Getting into a fitness routine can be life-changing and fun – but only if your emotional and mental connection to your body is healthy. Many men and women suffer from low self-esteem issues which can range from mild to severe. However, these problems are usually overlooked because they are dressed in self-deprecating casual jokes about weight or simply not mentioned in social settings.

A healthy source of motivation for weight-loss can be hard to find. We’re not saying it’s wrong to aim to fit into a smaller-sized dress or train those abs to attract a potential girlfriend. However, it’s really the state of your mind that is important as you embark on your weight-loss journey. Is your diet or exercise regime fueled on self-hate or a well-thought out decision to make a physical lifestyle change?

Social Media and Body Image

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Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow people all over the world to share photo updates of life and it’s entertaining to have new images to look at when we’re bored. But with more and more people posting photos that focus on their bodies, a growing number of men and women are becoming increasingly body conscious to the point of obsession and unhealthiness.

The effect these photos have on the your mental health is definitely underestimated. Sexual, semi-nude or fitness photos can potentially trigger off a whole host of body anxieties for a viewer who does not accept his or her own body image. Choosing to view all these photos on a daily basis even normalizes and cements such unrealistic notions of physical beauty.

Everyone looks different and is different – instead of aiming to look like that model in the magazine, aim to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Pay attention to the way your body feels instead of how it looks. Regular exercise helps to keep energy levels and metabolism up so you won’t feel sluggish. You’ll find yourself sleeping better at night too!

All body shapes are different so be aware of how unique your own is! Understanding your own body will help you to set healthy and realistic expectations for your diet or fitness routine. Pay attention to the way your shoulders slope, or how your hips are built – this is what makes you, you!

Here Are 5 Fun Ways to Motivate Yourself

1. Attach your bikini/ favourite t-shirt photo to the fridge with magnets

Forget all those pictures of supermodels and celebrities – they’re all airbrushed and unreal. You want to work out for yourself and continue to look like yourself, but better! Train your body by reminding yourself to snack and eat responsibly!

2. Put up inspiring quotes and art work around the house

quotes around the house
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Remind and encourage yourself that you can do this! You’re stronger than you think, so look within yourself for courage and determination.

3. Buy fashionable workout gear, wear them and start moving!

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Look good even before you start working out. It’s a boost of confidence when you catch yourself looking sporty and cool in the mirror. This is what you can actually look like! So believe in yourself and put those gear to good use!

4. Take an unfiltered picture of yourself right after a workout and keep doing that weekly

Remember to feel proud of yourself. You deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve put in. Take a good look of yourself all sweaty and tired – you’ve come so far already! Look through all your pics after a while and see the difference in yourself. It’s a visual diary that will help you to track your progress.

5. Treat yourself to something extravagantly healthy

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If you’re the sort who scrimps and saves, treat yourself to a protein smoothie or a huge fro-yo occasionally! It’ll perk your week up and jazz up your diet a bit without exactly cheating. It’s always refreshing to sip on a fruity drink or dig into a cold mountain of fro-yo after an intense workout!


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