Enrich Your Nutritional Knowledge: Diploma in Diet & Nutrition


One week, egg yolks are evil and the next, they’re the darlings of the food industry again. And margarine, don’t get us started on margarine. Is it really better for our bodies than butter? Is cutting carbs the healthy way to lose weight? Will eating low-fat help me to lose fat?

The food industry is riddled with confusing information. This makes eating a healthy diet all the more difficult. You want to make the right choices for what’s most important to you – your health, but with all these conflicting data flying about, how are you to make the right choices?

RPA Holistic Wellness Academy believes that every family needs a nutrition consultant who is equipped with the right nutritional knowledge. This is how they founded the Diploma in Diet & Nutrition.

What’s Covered in the Course? 

RPA course content

Who Can Benefit from the Course? 

  • Healthcare professionals / sales people
  • Beauty /slimming consultants
  • Homemakers / retirees
  • SPM / STPM graduates
  • Anyone keen on improving their knowledge on nutrition
  • Non-science background students are also eligible to apply

Career Prospects with a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

  • Health, wellness, and beauty industry
  • Business start-ups
  • Health & wellness education

Course Details 

  • Duration: 100 + 50hours
  • Qualification: Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  • Graduate title: Health Eating Advisor
  • Languages: English or Mandarin
  • Examination: 25 multiple choice questions and 5 case studies
  • Diploma is recognised in over 38 countries worldwide
  • Diploma available in Petaling Jaya (main campus), Johor Bahru, Penang, Sibu, and Singapore.

Not ready to dive in just yet? Come for a trial class and learn something on the syllabus completely free of charge.

Preview Classes (at Main Campus):

1. Every Tuesday (Chinese class): 7.30pm-10pm
2. Every Friday (English class): 7.30pm-10pm

Download the Diploma in Diet & Nutrition Booklet for more information (available in English + Chinese).

Rpa-Holistic Wellness Academy RPA Holistic Wellness Academy offers health and nutrition courses, workshops, and classes up to degree level. It is part of an integrated holistic wellness cluster which includes an organic café, an organic health shop, a natural therapeutic spa, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, as well as a holistic nutrition consultation centre. Check out www.rpaholistic.com for more information.

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  1. Lee Chin Chong

    May i know how much is the course fee and which are those countries that recognize the diploma? thank you

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