Review: A Date with Squatty Potty in The Toilet

Meeting My Date

I rarely constipate. And I’m pretty proud of it. My bowel movement early in the morning is also healthy, I must say. When I got to know about Squatty Potty, my first reaction was that it’s just a piece of plastic, how’s it going to help me poop better? Then there came the history and science. History proved that we’ve been doing our big business by squatting. And science had proven that our body is designed to squat for better excretion of you know what. Well this makes some sense to me and it had raving reviews. So I decided to give this US product a try.

HealthWorks: Look at this. Imagine your poop is in for a roller coaster ride. Definitely squatting makes it an amazing free fall!

The box containing Squatty Potty itself was like the length of my arm. Uncovering the box, I saw this white, clean, plastic-ish stool-like thing – that gives you a toilet feel, instantly. Weirdly, as I looked at it, it was sort of challenging me. As if it’s saying “Try me” if it could speak. Thankfully it was the right timing to head to the toilet, so I brought it along.

Date Experience 

As it fitted right underneath the toilet seat, I carefully climbed on top of it. I was so glad there weren’t any mirrors in front of me because that squatting/sitting position looked really awkward. I waited. Surely this wouldn’t be some mind blowing technology that helps me finish my business in 5 seconds. How was it going to improve my satisfaction in the toilet when I was already doing pretty wel….DOOP! You heard that? That’s the sound of my poop that just slid into the bowl! Surprise much? No. It’s my normal performance. My scepticism was growing stronger.

And then it happened. I started to feel the difference…in SPEED. So yes, I always had a healthy pooping time. But this time, it’s healthy pooping in a shorter time! Things were definitely moving much more quickly. Done and extremely satisfied, I cleaned up and was ready to flush.

I guessed my bowel just whispered, “Psst. You’re not done yet.”

“For real?”, I wondered. Fine. I climbed up again. There wouldn’t be any more left inside of me. But I sort of imagined my bowel giving a relieved sigh, followed by my own. And there it was. Behold. A relatively smaller tube like form of whatever waste I had in me. Done. Cleaned. I looked at it and it sort of radiated some glow of freedom to be finally out of my digestive system. And I felt – empty and clean. Yay!

Post-Date Thoughts

I can’t believe that what would surprise and make me happy in the toilet – is this piece of plastic. A piece of plastic scientifically engineered and designed in a smart way to help me have the right posture to do what humans need to do every single day – excrete. And I must say it’s pretty useful, even for someone like me who has quite a healthy bowel movement (or so I thought). A clean colon will reduce your risk for colon-related problems like irritable bowel syndromes, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Of course, everyone’s bowel movements are different. For those who have pretty unhealthy bowel movements, it might take some time to improve with the use of Squatty Potty, a diet high in fibre and gallons of water!

Squatty Potty


  • Ease bowel movement, faster excretion, saves time
  • Proper fast excretion saves you toilet paper
  • Durable (kick or throw, it won’t break)
  • Easily washed (not that you’ll poop all over it anyway)
  • Comes in different heights so it accommodates adult and children
  • Good for elderly people and pregnant ladies who need help with squatting
  • Can be tucked underneath the toilet seat


  • Pants/skirts can get in the way. Might have to take it all off! Go all natural! Let me know if you found a better way
  • Even though it can be tucked underneath the seat, it might still get in the way for some guys when you need to pee. So you might need to widen your stance
  • At a price of RM 135, not sure how many are willing to afford such assistance in the toilet

Your colon is 3 – 6 feet long. Is it clean? Knowing that colorectal cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among men in Malaysia, it’s time to pay some attention to some of the simplest things you do every single day. Our excretion says a lot about our health. So does our toilet experience. 🙂


What others are saying:

“I purchased it for my husband and he is deeply satisfied with it. It is easy to store and clean.He said “It’s worth a s***.” – Vicky Lessing

“I took the biggest dump and never even felt it coming out! I would tell anyone who gets constipated to definteley try this gadget out if you want a smooth move!” – JD1955

“I wish those years ago I would have known that squatting is better for you, hindsight 20/20…Anyhow this product = BOSS. It works, if you have/had problems like mine get this for yourself. ” – Dreighen

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