[Infographic] Prolonged Sitting & Standing: Neither is Good

We’ve previously written an article about how sitting for too long may be shaving years off your life. But it turns out that standing for too long isn’t all that great for you either.

The infographic below shows you what happens to your body if you sit or stand too much:

Source: fundersandfounders.com
Source: fundersandfounders.com

Sitting too much is a health hazard, your insulin levels drop after just one day of prolonged sitting, and you face a higher risk of dying prematurely, even if you exercise regularly.

However, the answer to that problem isn’t to stand all the time. It’s to stand up and move around constantly.

According to the Cornell University Ergonomics team, it’s advisable to switch between sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

Breaking up your sitting time with short stretches of standing helps keep your blood circulating, which in turn keeps away a host of problems. How do you move more? Just be conscious! Take walking meets, visit the water cooler more often, go say hi to a colleague.

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Source: Funders and Founders

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