An Easy Way to Save a Life – Become an Organ Donor

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As of January 2013, there were a total of 16,479 people on the waiting list for a new kidney in Malaysia. In 2012, there were only 44 cadaveric donors (88 kidneys), a far cry from what is needed.

You can help.

Here are 5 great reasons to join the Malaysian Organ Donor Register:

1. Save not just a life, but multiple lives

A person who becomes a multi-organ donor can possibly save up to 8 other lives at one time. When life’s not at stake, tissue transplants can also help many more patients lead a better quality of life.

2. Transplants are the best and only treatment for end stage organ failure

Be it the heart, lung, liver, or kidney, subsequent transplant has been proven to be the best treatment for those suffering from the final stage of organ failure. A donated organ is often their only chance at survival.

3. You’re putting a smile on quite a few people’s faces

Not only are you saving the life of the organ transplant patient, you’re giving a reason for those surrounding them to benefit from the ray of life that organ donation brings.

4. It costs you nothing to save lives

There’s no need for superman training to be a hero. You only donate your organs after you’ve passed on and no longer need them. The costs involved? Zero.

5. It’s super simple to register

No boring forms and long queues at some office in the middle of nowhere. All you need to fill up this online organ donor form, and wait for your donor card in the mail. Yup. It’s that easy. You can also call 1800-88-9080 to get a registration form mailed to you. There’s no need for medical check-ups and signing up as a pledger is free.

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Written by: The HealthWorks Team

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