Event: Debunking Nutrition Myths: Carbs, Fats, and Protein

Nutrition myths

Nutrition myths

If you’ve been trying to shed some baby fat, you’ve probably been told more times than you can count to cut your carbs. Everyone seems to believe that cutting carbs is the miracle solution to weight-loss. But exactly how much truth is in that statement?

And what about the aisles and aisles of low-fat and fat-free products at the supermarket? They sound like a health food, they look like a health food, but are they actually healthy? Is consuming only low-fat items good for your body?

You Need the Right Nutritional Knowledge to Make Better Choices

Eating right is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your body. However, with so much misleading information flooding the internet and bombarding every situation of our lives, how can you know what to trust anymore? RPA Holistic Wellness Academy believes that every family needs a nutrition consultant who is equipped right nutritional knowledge so they can make the right choices.

Get the Right Answers from the Expert

Find the answers to the questions above and more in this one-hour FREE class on Nutrition Myths: Carbs, Fats, and Protein. It’ll be conducted as a trial class of RPA Holistic Wellness Academy’s Diploma in Diet and Nutrition course, by principal of the academy, Andrea Chin. She has a degree in holistic health and nutrition, and an advanced diploma in applied nutrition. Read more about the course here.


As the free event is specially for HealthWorks.my readers only, please sign up here before 23rd April, 2014, and you’ll receive a FREE organic meal after your enlightening class!


Testimonials from previous diploma course students:

“During the first lesson on carbohydrates, I instantly understood the reason for my sleepiness after a meal and learnt how to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle to improve my health.” – Ms Ong

“With the invaluable knowledge from RPA, not only can I take care of my own health and my family’s health, I can also share with my friends, colleagues and others and help them improve their health.” – Jane Ng

Rpa-Holistic Wellness Academy RPA Holistic Wellness Academy offers health and nutrition courses, workshops, and classes up to degree level. It is part of an integrated holistic wellness cluster which includes an organic café, an organic health shop, a natural therapeutic spa, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, as well as a holistic nutrition consultation centre. Check out www.rpaholistic.com for more information.

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