3 Kidney Friendly Recipes for Healthier Kidneys

To celebrate World Kidney Day, we have teamed up with the healthy people at RPA Holistic Wellness Academy to present you with three delicious recipes that are also great for your kidneys.

Your kidneys are one of the most hardworking and vital organs inside you. It toils away everyday to get rid of all the toxins and waste from your body and keep your blood minerals in balance. It regulates your blood pressure while also giving you strong, healthy bones. However, when you slack off at taking care of your kidneys, they can get very sick. If they fail, you’ll need to either go on dialysis forever, or be lucky enough to get an organ donor.

These three recipes were formulated by an expert nutritionist at RPA Holistic Wellness Academy. Keeping in mind what tired, or sick kidneys need, these recipes utilizes ingredients that are scientifically-backed (both in a western and Chinese traditional medicine context) to help your kidneys function better.

3 Kidney-Friendly Recipes:


Rpa-Holistic Wellness Academy These recipes were contributed by RPA Holistic Wellness Academy, which offers health and nutrition courses, workshops, and classes up to degree level. It is part of an integrated holistic wellness cluster which includes an organic café, an organic health shop, a natural therapeutic spa, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, as well as a holistic nutrition consultation centre. Check out www.rpaholistic.com for more information.
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