[Infographic] What People Eat: From 500 to 50,000 Calories a Day

Losing or gaining weight might be the most difficult feat for you, but it all boils down to some simple math. Consume more calories than your daily energy expenditure, and you’re the slow but steady path to piling on the kilos. Eat less than what you burn, and you’ll lose weight, albeit slower than most of us would like.

Our calorie intake can easily shoot up to a few thousand kcal a day thanks to all the rich foods in our diet — from the quintessentially Malaysian nasi lemak, to the favourite char kway teow which can load up to 800-900 calories a plate, Malaysia truly is a calorific haven.

We challenge you to note down how many calories you consume in a day (it’s easy using an app like MyFitnessPal), and compare it with the people and animals in the infographic down below. Where do you stand in your daily calorie intake? Do you eat more than Michael Phelps, an elephant, or a medieval monk? Or do you eat less than a cat?

Source: Axentric.com
Source: Axentric.com

Knowing your daily calorie intake can do wonders in helping you get to the pink of health, so it’s a great time to start taking note.

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Infographic courtesy of Axentric

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