[Infographic] How to Achieve Your Dream Body

Most of us want to achieve that lean, mean, killing machine dream body but most of us don’t really know how to get there. We’re sure you have a rough plan, the typical eat healthier, exercise more, sleep early resolutions that everyone has a vague idea about. But how precise is your plan, and how sure are you that you can follow through till you reach your final goal?

Having a healthy body means something different for everyone. Some see having a good stamina as having a healthy body, while others want to reduce their body fat percentage. Whatever healthy is to you, there are things you have to give up, and things you have to start doing.

The experts over at Precision Nutrition have come up with an infographic detailing the realistic formulas you have to use to get to the body type you want. There’s not going to be any quick fixes or magic pills here, just decisions you have to make daily. Take a look below and see if you are willing to make the trade-offs:

Source: precisionnutrition.com
Source: precisionnutrition.com

Learn more about how the decisions you make can affect how your body changes in this detailed article by Precision Nutrition here.


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