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Infographic: How Much Fat is in Your Roti Canai? (Calories & Fat Content of Rotis at the Mamak Stall)

Check here to see how much fat is used to prepare your beloved roti:

While eating fat alone would not make you fat, excess calories will. And there are plenty of opportunities to fill up on all these extra calories. From the gerai in the morning where you get your fill of mee goreng, the hawker stalls at lunch selling fragrant chicken rice and char kway teow, to the afternoon minum kopi sessions of kuih-muih, you’re probably not very surprised when you find out Malaysians rank the most obese in South East Asia.

The mamak stall is another avenue to needlessly increase our calorie intake. While de-stressing after the long day with your friends and watching football late in the evening, it’s easy to mindlessly munch on and drink up hundreds, and even thousands of calories beyond your recommended daily intake. This doesn’t mean you should stop going to the mamak stall (no way!), it just means you should make conscious decisions and better choices.

This roti chart should help you out:

How Much Fat is In Your Roti Canai Mamak Infographic

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  1. ohhh brilliant infographic! Thanks for putting this up! 🙂 I always thought chapati had lesser calories than tosai.. >.< Can you share the calorie and fat content of tosai telur?

  2. Ohh okay..I always thought naan have lesser fat and calorie compared to roti canai. So all of this calculation is from MDA ehh?interesting….

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