[Infographic] Are You Checking Your Breasts for Lumps the Right Way?

Suspicious lumps help us discover breast cancer in its early stages. This is why we’ve been told over and over again that we should examine our breasts regularly to check for lumps. And I do try to do it often. I’d take a look when I’m in front of a mirror, and feel around when I’m in the shower. But  to be honest, I don’t actually know exactly what I’m looking for, or if I’m doing it right. My breasts are filled with soft lumps anyway, so which lumps are the ones I should be wary of?

If you’re like me and are not sure how to go about doing a proper breast exam, the steps are actually pretty simple. Check out the infographic below to learn how to check your breasts for lumps:

how to check your breast infographicOnce you get familiar with your boobies, you’ll come to notice even slight changes, which is why doing a monthly breast exam is so important. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start checking your boobs now!


If you find a suspicious lump, you should talk to your doctor about getting an ultrasound or mammogram. Mammography has proven to be a powerful diagnostic tool for the early detection of breast cancer. However, breast tissue is sensitive to radiation and it’s important to subject your boobies to as low a dose as possible. Among the technology currently in the market, the Philips MicroDose Mammography allows doctors to get excellent images for detection of potential abnormalities at a low radiation dose. 

Help spread breast cancer awareness! Simply take a picture of something in pairs representing breasts or snap a photo of you or your loved ones or friends wearing or using something pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Just post and tag all your photos with #philipsBCA on social media to help get the word out. 

Do the best for your breasts! If you found something unusual, sign up for a a FREE Mammogram Screening HERE (or click on the pic below) by Nov 15, 2014.


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