[Video] How the Ideal Female Body Has Changed Over 3,000 Years

Have you ever looked into the mirror and felt dissatisfied with what you see? Maybe you didn’t like your nose, or the way your hair just decides to defy gravity the moment it hits your shoulder. Or maybe you weren’t happy with how despite all your best efforts in the gym and the kitchen, your little muffin top is still peeking out.

Us ladies have battled with body image issues since the beginning of time. We’ve been told since we were kids what an ideal body should be, so we spend our lives striving and wishing for it, forgetting to embrace our bodies as they are.

This video by the awesome folks at Buzzfeed serves as a good reminder to all of us that the ideal body evolves with time, just like how fashion changes every split second.

Instead of obsessing with how the world thinks we should look, shouldn’t we pay more attention to actually living a healthy lifestyle? Rather than fixating on workouts that’ll give us washboard abs, shouldn’t we just focus on actually giving our bodies a good rigorous workout? Instead of dieting to lose weight, why not try eating good wholesome food to nourish our body?

At the end of the day, good health is the one thing that keeps us going, while the world’s idea of beauty can be fleeting.

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