How to Use Heart Rate Training to Improve Your Recovery, Speed & Endurance

Universal Sports ran a series of videos called “Race to Recovery” which focused on the importance of using a heart rate monitor to build speed and improve recovery time for people who are training for a half or full marathon.

In the 3-part series, amateur runner, Kinga Philipps works with Running Coach Jimmy Dean Freeman to train for her upcoming half-marathon in New York City. Check out the videos below to find out how you can use heart rate training to reach your race calendar goals.

Episode 1: Interval Training

In the first episode of the series, Universal Sports host Kinga Phillips meets up with her former running coach for tips on interval training, with the help of her new ALPHA, a wrist-mounted heart rate monitor.

Episode 2: Soft Sand Running  

This week, Kinga hit the beach for some soft sand running with her coach. Running on the beach challenges the body in different ways, as it’s a dynamic form of training with much more effort needed, forcing the heart rate to launch more quickly.

Episode 3: Lactate Threshold Training

In this episode, Kinga and her running coach work on activating her lactate threshold heart rate zones. When training at this level, the body switches into using lactate as an efficient fuel, allowing it to sustain a higher workout load (level of activity) without becoming fatigued.

Have you done the interval training, soft sand running and lactate threshold training? With a heart rate monitor, you can track which phase you are in when you are heart rate training. That way, you and your body will be prepared for your race in the future.

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