Get the Most of Your Gym Membership: 8 Gym Classes You Should Join

Don’t just stick to the rows of cardio and weight machines when you go to the gym. Varying your workouts not only helps to prevent boredom, but also plays a key role in helping you get past workout performance plateaus.

Most of the more popular gyms here offer up a variety of workout classes, where you can explore different ways to move your body, meet new friends and just enjoy working out as a whole.

Here are our top 10 favourite classes you should definitely test out!

1. BODYPUMP by LesMills

Source: LesMills
Source: LesMills

Found at: Most top range gyms including Fitness First, True Fitness, Celebrity Fitness

Each BodyPump class lasts an hour and focuses on repetition of light weight exercises including squats, presses, lifts, and curls. According to the LesMills website, you’ll burn up to 590 calories in a class while toning and shaping your entire body. Every class and fun and energetic thanks to great choreography and music.

Great for: Newbies to weight training


Found at: Most top range gyms including Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness

Joining a Zumba class is like participating in a dance party, where people of all shapes and sizes groove to Latin music to the styles of cumbia, salsa, mambo, flamenco, chachacha and more. Each 60-minute session could help you burn up to 500 calories.

Great for: Fitness beginners looking for a fun way to move more

3. RPM by LesMills

Found at: Most top range gyms including Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness

RPM is an indoor cycling class usually lasting 45 minutes which gets your heart rate up and pumping to the rhythm of some powerful beats. An instructor will lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training on your stationary bike, and you’ll come out of class burning an average of 675 calories.

Great for: All levels looking for fun on a bike. The bike is adjustable as is the resistance.

4. Pilates 

Stott Pilates Instructor Training

Found at: Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First

Pilates is getting more attention in Malaysia these days for being a good exercise system which improves flexibility, agility and help with problems like back pain. Pilates help develop your core (vital for all athletes) and is an effective form of recovery after injury.

Great for: Anyone who wants to learn mindful exercising and improve their flexibility

5. BODYCOMBAT by LesMills

Source: LesMills
Source: LesMills

Found at: Most top range gyms including Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness

An intense cardio workout where you’ll find yourself doing a variety of martial arts moves from karate to muay thai. Music, of course, plays a huge role in this class, and you’ll be striking, punching, kicking to the beat, burning calories along the way. You can look forward to burning up to 740 calories in a one-hour class.

Great for: Anyone, from beginners to the absolute fit

6. Yoga

Found at: Most gyms

Yoga is usually a mainstay class at most gyms worth their salt, and the better gyms also have different forms of yoga from vinyasa yoga to hatha yoga to choose from. Yoga classes are a great way for you to get in touch with your body after all that beating it has taken on the treadmill, and will teach you to breathe, stretch, and help you build strength.

Great for: Everyone

7. HIIT 

Found at: Fitness First

High Intensity Interval Training is any workout alternating between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity / rest. Claiming to burn the most calories in the last amount of time, HIIT-type workouts are fast becoming some of the most popular exercises around. Anything can be a HIIT workout, and you can even plan your own, but a class makes it easier to follow.

Great for: Those short on time but high on adrenaline

8. Step Workout Classes

step workout

Found at: Most gyms including Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness

A simple step class to up your heart rate without being so difficult it turns you off exercising forever. You would never imagine how much stepping up and down and doing variations of steps could make you sweat, but boy would it make you sweat. Step workouts is a great way to burn calories, improve strength and up your overall fitness level.

Great for: Absolute beginners looking for a way to ease into cardio


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