Review: Get Healthy Hair With Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Improve lives

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Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo

For years, we’ve been using shampoos without actually understanding the toxins and chemicals that are lurking in it. Ever tried reading the ingredients at the back of your shampoo bottle? It’s like reading elf language in Lord of the Rings. While some ingredients like Citric Acid or Sodium Chloride may be harmless, some might require you to proceed with caution. David Pollock, beauty chemist expert list chemicals like Polysorbates and Amodimethicone to be trouble for your body.

Shampoo ingredients

The next logical step is probably to make your own organic shampoo which actually might not seem logical at all (who’s got the time?). So I tried out Human Nature’s Natural Shampoo for a month. I like that the people at Human Nature seemed to actually care about what they put in their products, and steer clear of chemicals which are associated with cancer, premature aging, and hormonal disruption. No parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, or phthalates in here!

A quick read through the ingredients list (which wasn’t long, always good news), revealed close to 100% natural ingredients including aloe vera, coconut nectar, lemongrass, orange essential oil and organic avocado oil. All good stuff!

Usage review

Surprisingly, it doesn’t produce a huge amount of foam like some other shampoos. Human Nature uses a technology called CreamFoam that claims to wrap every strand of hair so even with just one rinse you can feel the softness of your hair. It’s formulated with Philippine coconut nectar that provides amino acids, vitamins and minerals naturally. I’m happy to report that after a month of using the shampoo, I noticed a healthier glow on my hair, and it’s smoother and softer too.

Best perk! Human Nature product sales benefit the poor! 

One reason why we really love this brand is because it helps to improve the lives of the people living at the Philippines. Human Nature provides job opportunities for the poor to produce and manufacture these natural ingredients. Knowing that we’re contributing to someone’s welfare while we’re washing our hair – we’d say that’s naturally amazing!

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