Top 5 Fruits With The Lowest Sugar Content

Naturally occurring sugar is found in all fruits and natural sugars are definitely preferable to the added kind. Still, you should have a general idea of how much you’re taking in each time you chow down on a smoothie or a fruit salad.

Eliminating added sugar is a good step to reduce your daily sugar intake and improve your health, since foods containing added sugar usually contain a lot of calories. Those are calories that you don’t need and almost none of the important nutrients your body requires. Thus, it’s important to note that fruits and vegetables also contain some form of sugar.

If you are following a very low-sugar or low-carbohydrate diet, avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables, as well as large servings of fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices. Fruit juices can contain a lot of sugars especially if they have mangoes or grapes for example.

To find out which fruits have the highest sugar counts, see here.

Choose fruits and vegetables that contain less sugar and less carbohydrates to get the fiber, vitamins and minerals you need. If you want to keep your sugar intake low but still want to eat fruits, keep in mind that berries are your best option.

Most of the carbohydrates found in berries are fiber and very little of it is actually sugar. For example, a serving of half a cup of raspberries has only 2.7 grams of sugar and the same portion of strawberries has 3.5 grams of sugar.

Blueberries have slightly more sugar, with about 7.4 grams per half a cup, but this is still less than half of what is found in a typical serving of fruit. A medium banana for example has 14.4 grams of sugar and a medium apple has 18.9 grams of sugar.

Here are five fruits with lowest sugar counts:

1. Avocados


Did you know that an entire raw avocado only has about one gram of sugar? Plus, it’s got tons of healthy fats that will keep you satiated. How about that for a double bonus when eating it?!

2. Cranberries


This Christmassy treat should be a year-round staple. Namely because one cup of the fresh fruit only has about four grams of sugar. PS: this low sugar count doesn’t apply for dried cranberries, as those are often laden with sugar.

3. Raspberries


A tried-and-stood-the-test-of-time popular smoothie ingredient, these little gems add only five grams of sugar per cup. Another benefit is that they’ve got more fiber than other berries, so they’ll help you fill up.

4. Blackberries


With just seven grams of sugar per cup, there’s no need to be concerned about you sugar crashing after you load up on blackberries.

5. Strawberries


One cup of raw strawberries contains seven grams of sugar, along with 85 milligrams of vitamin C— which is in fact just over the daily recommended intake of 75 milligrams.


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