Flowchart: What’s Your Fitness Personality? Find Out Which Workout Suits You Best

Whats Your Fitness Personality

Multiple studies show that if you find a workout that fits your personality, you’re more likely to stick to it. And it makes sense, we reckon. Running might be excite some people, but to others it might be the biggest bore on earth. Football may be too aggressive for some, but a great anger venting game for others.

The best thing to do for your health and fitness is to find out what works for you. Don’t do zumba just because it’s in trend at the moment, don’t run because all your friends are joining marathons. Experiment with different workouts and sports to find something that you’ll actually look forward to doing.

Here’s a chart that help pair your fitness personality with the type of workouts that might suit you:

Whats Your Fitness Personality


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Flowchart created by: Jolene Foo

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