Ask the Expert: Which Feminine Hygiene Wash Should I Use?


My private parts itch whenever I wash the area with regular body soap. A friend of mine recommended that I use feminine hygiene wash instead and I have checked out a few, but I am still clueless on how to choose what’s best for me.


Most of the feminine hygiene washes available in the market are basically cleansers. Some products adjust their pH level in the acidic region, making it closer to the skin environment of the area. The normal pH of skin is close to neutral (4.5 – 5.5).

Generally, external cleansing with these products and proper rinsing afterward do not pose any problems. It is just like taking a shower daily. However, you can try washing the area using just water, as some experts believe it’s the best way to keep your privates clean. Whether you use feminine hygiene washes or not, the most important point is to keep the area dry after washing. Moist, dark and hot environments breed bacteria, so you need to dry the area thoroughly. 

More importantly, do not use douching liquid on a very regular basis (such as everyday). Usually, the recommended frequency for douching is provided on the box of each individual product, which is roughly once to twice a month. Douching is also not recommended during pregnancy, unless advised by the doctor.

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