Gear Up for F1 Sepang 2014: 6 Tips to Stay Energised for the 3-Day Event

How to Stay Energised Throughout the F1 Sepang 2014

The annual Formula 1 race is here again, gracing the Sepang tracks from 28th till 30th March. If you’re an F1 diehard fan, you’ll probably turn up all three days and end it with a bang at the after-race Calvin Harris concert. Here are some simple tips to keep you going all three days of the F1 Sepang 2014:

1. Skip the simple carbs 

Before heading over to Sepang, start your day off with a wholegrain sandwich (or any other complex carbs). Skip the overprocessed white bread, white rice and other simple carbs (or simple sugars: this means things like sugar-coated cereal). Simple carbs and sugars cause your blood sugar to spike, while whole grains keep your blood sugar balanced so you have more energy throughout the day.

2. Nibble throughout the day 

Instead of binging on one big meal which will direct all your blood flow to your stomach instead of your brain (thus making you feel tired), munch on small (but healthy) snacks throughout the race. Doctors recommend eating a small meal every 3 to 4 hours for optimal blood sugar levels. Try purchasing food which are high in fibre and protein and low in simple carbs. (Forget the candy bars, potato chips and go for the fruits and whole grain crackers instead).

Top tip: Get your food from the foodstands as early as possible as the lines will get unbearable later on.

3. Stretch while you’re at the grandstand

If you’re feeling a bit worn down from all that sitting around and screaming words of encouragement (or annoyance) at your favourite racer, stretching will help. Stretching will up your energy levels by decreasing muscle discomfort. Try standing up and touching your toes with your legs as straight as possible, flinging your arms about, and stretching your fingers up into the sky. If you’re shy about doing the stretches, just pretend you’re doing an early victory dance.

4. Drink up 

Water we mean, not alcohol. Staying hydrated is crucial since you’re going to be outdoors most of the days and you’ll probably sweat buckets. Water is the key component in your blood. If there’s not enough water in your blood, the red stuff will thicken and move slower to your cells and organs. And that’s why you’ll start feeling tired. Drink lots of water to keep your blood flowing. If you want to sip on a beer, make sure you load up on the H20 to counter the dehydrating effects of the alcohol

Top tip: Buy your water early as they have a history of running out in the middle of the day. (They confiscate your bottles if you bring your own)

5. Stay in the shade

Being in the sun and heat the whole day can speed up dehydration, so stay in the shade when you can. If you’ve bought a hillstand ticket, there aren’t going to be any shades so bring along an umbrella, slather on the sunscreen, and repeat tip #4. Oh, and wearing some breathable cotton clothing will probably help as well.

6. Take a power nap 

You’re no doubt heading over to the F1 After Race Concert to watch Calvin Harris do his magic. While waiting for the concert to kick off, why not grab a quick 10-minute power shut-eye in your car or somewhere quiet? Power naps give you an instant energy boost while keeping you alert and ready to party.


What other survival tips do you have for the F1 race? Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


Written by: Jolene Foo

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