Are You Eating & Working Out For Your Hair?

We are so used to talk about eating right to nourish our body, and working out to make sure we are in tip top fit condition! Not forgetting, we filled ourselves with fruits and veges for great skin complexion and also hit saunas or gyms to sweat all the toxin out (or so we thought).

But what about our hair? That part of us mostly have our attention when we style them, and most likely with products that might not be helpful to its wellbeing. If your hair could speak, it might be telling you it is hitting death point when you tied it too tightly  in a high pony tail; or have suffocated it with too much hair wax.

So here are some tips on how to eat and work out (yes, work out) for healthier hair brought by the lovely people at Original Sprout. Enjoy!


Original Sprout provides a wide range of natural hair and body products for babies and families. From shampoo, body wash to conditioner, detangler and hair styling products, it made sure everyone has a worry-free routine for the health of their hair and skin.

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