The Difference Between A Sprinter & A Marathoner

Most of us would categorize running as just one type of sport but did you know that there are different types of runners? You could be a sprinter or a marathoner, depending on what run that you usually do. Though they sound the same there are clear differences between these two running categories.

We stumbled on this cool video on Facebook from Valentin Bosioc that lets you in on why sprinters and marathoners are two different type of running style:

What are the differences?

Both are different sports

Sprinter: Uses explosive strength.
Marathoner: Focuses more on endurance.

Different muscle groups training

muscles for sprinter and marathoner

Sprinter: Trains more on their fast-twitch muscle fibers which gives them a quick burst of energy for a short period of time but they will be exhausted faster.
Marathoner: Targets their slow-twitch fibres more to provide them more energy to last for 42km.


sprinter body

Sprinters: They train their upper body to balance out with their lower body so putting on weight for them is inconsequential.
Marathoners: Benefit from being light so they have to drop excess muscle mass and fat so that their body can carry them throughout the 42km.

marathoner body

Here’s a screenshot on the average amount of muscle fibers that an average adult, sprinter and marathoner has.

sprinter marathoner

Now that you know the differences, you can now choose the best training for your running style to get more out of your runs in the future.

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Sprinter & Marathoner, both runners yet different athletes!


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